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Mar 08
Hello!  We've moved the discussion to the Microsoft on Government Blog, where you'll find the latest insight from public sector leaders on how technology is driving government modernization in the US and overseas.  In the meantime, all the current po ...read more
Dec 13
  Once the stockings are hung and the presents are wrapped, many children around the world will anxiously await a visit from ...read more
Nov 14
An interview with Susie Adams, Federal Chief Technology Advisor for Microsoft This week, Microsoft Dynamics announced the availability of new cloud-based business solutions built specifically for federal government agencies. These solutions are delivered ...read more
Nov 06
By Kim Nelson, Microsoft Executive Director for e-Government By end of day – hopefully - we will know the results of state and local elections around the country, in ...read more
Oct 31
By Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government and Security The following was posted yesterday, October 30, to the Microsoft on Government Blog: Government employees: get ready, because the way you work may never be the same. There’s a new operating system on the way that will support y ...read more
Oct 18
By Dana Barnes, Director, Microsoft Joint Defense Agencies Somewhere along the line, help desk got a bad rap.  Maybe it’s because we only call the help desk when we have a problem.  Whatever the reason, it’s a fact that organizations have traditionally viewed ...read more
Oct 08
By Leigh Madden, Senior Director, U.S. Air Force, Microsoft As a relative newcomer to Microsoft, it was eye-opening to learn that we ...read more
Oct 02
By Dana Barnes, Director, Microsoft Joint Defense Agencies As an essential provider of news and information to military service members, government civilians and their families stationed overseas, Stars and Stripes has an important and complex mission.  With ...read more
Sep 24
By Andy Martin, Director, Navy and Marine Corps Team at Microsoft Back in July, I wrote about the Navy’s decision to pursue the fir ...read more
Sep 17
By Victor Akinnagbe, Microsoft Chief DoD Architect, and Jason Opdycke, Microsoft Air Force Architect Back in June, the Defense Department unveiled its Mobile Device Strategy, designed to maximize the productivity and flexibility benefits ...read more
Jul 12
By Susie Adams, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Federal Microsoft has had a longstanding partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and today that partnership has been strengthened through a new enterprise agre ...read more
Jul 06
By Andy Martin, Director, Navy Team at Microsoft Microsoft has reached an important milestone with the U.S. Department of the Navy:  the signing of the  first-ever department-wide Enterprise Software License Agreement. Long-time Microsoft partner Softchoice Corporation will ...read more
Jun 12
By Kent Cunningham, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Federal, Civilian and Healthcare Federal agencies are always looking for IT capabilities that support mission success while driving down operational costs.  In the past, agencies often invested in multiple IT components to deliver a single business solution, which ultimate ...read more
Jun 04
By Greg Bateman, Senior Director, Acquisition Programs, Policy and Strategy, Microsoft Federal In last month’s post on Federal CIO VanRoekel’s ...read more
May 30
By Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office Division Today, I’m pleased to announce some great news for government customers in the United States. First, we’re introducing Office 365 for Government.  Office 365 for Government is a new multi-tenant service that stores US go ...read more
May 24
By Scott Thatcher, Director, Microsoft Federal, Civilian and Healthcare Federal agencies, Congress and the White House have talked for years about the necessity of cutting wasteful IT spending and squeezing all the value they can out of existing IT assets. Now, agencies have a new challenge: manda ...read more
May 14
May 14, 2012 – July 31, 2012 ...read more
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