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Microsoft in Government

Help turn contacts into contracts.

Streamline the recruiting process:

  • Track, analyze, and interact with potential recruits in the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Connect with candidates on their own turf using Microsoft online services, including Xbox LIVE and MSN Games.
  • Focus recruitment messages by audience and geographic location, and prioritize leads using centralized data on recruits and contacts.

Deliver familiar, easy-to-use tools to recruiters

Microsoft Dynamics Recruit Marketing Acceleration Package (RecruitMAP) is a powerful solution that provides military recruiters with an important advantage—software that streamlines the recruiting process, through deep integration with familiar Microsoft technologies, such as Outlook, and online marketing tools. With Microsoft Dynamics at the core of RecruitMAP, you can bring together information from multiple sources to help recruiters respond to leads faster and more effectively.

Use creative, Internet-driven methods to attract and sign recruits

Military recruiters face fierce competition today with each other and with civilian employers. Recruiters can improve their success by utilizing digital media and the web to focus marketing efforts, manage the recruiting process, and connect with today’s tech-savvy youth. RecruitMAP augments existing marketing programs by adding focused online outreach in video games, web search, and online communities to reach target audiences and convert more “cold leads” into closed contracts.

Focus marketing messages on specific audiences

Help gain an important advantage in military recruiting with flexible tools that support tracking, analysis, and dynamic interaction with potential candidates. Bring together data from multiple sources to present the recruiter with a “virtual dossier” on each new lead that includes geospatial reporting and focuses online marketing and outreach to qualified candidates. By integrating contact information with existing databases, recruiters have a single convenient place to manage contact history, helping them make more relevant and immediate connections with potential recruits.