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Microsoft in Government

Help improve local and federal law enforcement agency operations through better workflow management, faster information-sharing, and critical geospatial intelligence.

Get tools to help effectively identify and prevent threats:

  • Manage tasks and intake with configurable workflows and preloaded, fully customizable forms.
  • Search across multiple data sources, integrating situation awareness with powerful geospatial mapping capabilities.
  • Connect to external data systems with configurable, security- and privacy-enhanced communications.
  • Trust a proven solution that helps improve operations for both large National Fusion Centers and smaller market Real-Time Crime Centers.

Help improve threat identification and prevention

Fusion Core Solution is designed to help public safety professionals more effectively identify, prevent and respond to criminal and terrorist threats. It is built for ease of use and quick configuration, combining the robust capabilities of Esri ArcGIS with SQL Server and SharePoint on an open and extensible information-sharing and analysis architecture. The solution helps municipal, county, regional, state, and federal intelligence and crime centers improve real-time operations through workflow management, information-sharing, and geospatial intelligence technologies.

Manage information from intake to archiving

Provides prebuilt service request forms that can help you automate work requests and assignments. Analysts can add new service request forms and modify or delete existing types based on operational and analytical requirements—or even collaborate with integrated capabilities for websites, wikis, and blogs.

Stay on top of day-to-day operations, analysis, and reporting

Offers the functional capabilities to help analysts and managers monitor day-to-day and near real-time operations. You can collect and present performance data and reports to help improve quality of services, and justify budget and staffing requests. Analysts can conduct research, identify intelligence gaps, evaluate information from multiple sources, monitor trends and events related to criminal issues, and prepare formal briefing reports. Security-enhanced and auditable reporting allows you to store, track and release intelligence reports that support necessary compliance and retention policies.