Government Engagement Programs

Government Engagement Programs

Microsoft is helping governments thrive in an environment of change.

​Technology can be a catalyst for individuals and nations to achieve goals of all kinds. Through a broad range of government and education engagement programs, Microsoft is partnering with policy makers, governments, and educators in more than 120 countries to help people and organizations achieve their own goals and to help create a future in which citizens and communities are more secure, more connected, and more empowered to thrive in a 21st century world. Collectively, these Microsoft programs are helping to transform education, foster innovation, enable cooperation, create job opportunities, and help protect citizens and communities.

Working with governments around the world

Our efforts are focused on helping individuals and communities close the digital divide. Through new solutions and programs, Microsoft is helping to bring social and economic opportunity to the estimated five billion people whose lives remain untouched by the benefits of technology.

Partners in Learning

Helping teachers and school leaders connect, collaborate, create, and share the resources they need to build 21st century skills and help students realize their greatest potential.

Local Language Program

​Partnering with governments, universities, and local language experts to support our software in as many languages as possible.

Child Exploitation Tracking System

​Helping protect children from exploitation online through a unique software tool that enables more effective identification and prosecution of offenders by allowing governments to store, search, share, and analyze evidence in child exploitation cases across police agencies.

Government Security Program

​Addressing the unique security requirements of governments worldwide by helping government actively participate in ensuring the security of their critical systems. We help enhance system security by providing access to Microsoft Windows and Office source code, prescriptive and authoritative security guidance, technical training, security information, and Microsoft security experts.

Security Cooperation Program

​Providing a structured way for governments to collaborate with Microsoft on security initiatives in key areas including computer incident response, attack mitigation, and citizen outreach.