Open Government Data Initiative

Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) DataLab

OGDI DataLab is an open source cloud-based open data catalogue.

​OGDI/DataLab provides a cost-effective and efficient open data publishing solution for organizations that seek to:

  • Give citizens access to government data (including browse, visualize, analyze and download in multiple formats)
  • Enable developers to access data via open standards Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Streamline publishing data from government systems or by government employees from their desktops
  • Reduce up-front infrastructure costs (servers, software, etc.) by moving to a cloud service
  • Ensure reliability and scalability (grow compute requirements as catalogue grows) via cloud
  • Access code to modify and customize the catalogue

The current version of OGDI builds upon the original solution. Visit the OGDI/DataLab project site for source code, FAQs, Wikis and more.

OGDI promotes the use of open data by enabling its accessibility and re-use via a Windows Azure cloud-based open development repository. Using OGDI, government data is accessible through open, standards-based web services from a variety of development environments, including Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, PHP, Ruby, Python, and more. 

Government agencies using OGDI/DataLab for their open data catalogue