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Windows 8

Learn about the new touch interface, the new world of apps, and new ways to get things done.

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Plan for Windows 8


Inventory apps and hardware, assess compatibility, and plan your deployment of Windows 8.

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Deliver and deploy Windows 8


Find guidance and tools to help you prepare to deploy Windows 8 in your organization.

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Deliver the devices and experiences people love, with the enterprise-grade solutions organizations need

Transform the way government workers connect with each other, and citizens

  • Connect government workers with security-enhanced network access from virtually anywhere
  • Provide the convenience of a tablet with the power and productivity of a PC
  • Meet the unique security, reliability, and regulatory needs of government with new safeguards

Work anywhere with mobility

Windows 8 devices enables more flexible workstyles by delivering apps and data to government workers more securely wherever they are.

  • Windows to Go for Windows 8 enables ultra-mobile workstyles through a portable USB that turns almost any PC into a highly secure Windows 8 PC
  • Workers can provide citizen services from virtually anywhere, any time with security-enhanced access to data, applications, people, and tools on any device

Enable greater productivity

With Windows 8 tablets, workers can increase productivity without compromising experience, while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of their device.

  • ​Enable mobile workers to do more with cloud-based and on-premises support
  • Fluid experiences across devices improves the efficiency and satisfaction of your workforce
  • The new interface provides at-a-glance access to critical data, and apps are always on – keeping government workers connected and up to date with the information they need

Secure data - end to end

Windows 8 provides a more secure foundation no matter where government workers are located, or what device they are using.

  • ​Help secure your data all the way from the user device to the network and backend infrastructure
  • Let workers bring their personal PC or tablet to work while centrally managing applications, data, enhanced security, and compliance
  • Protect data from cyber-attacks with enhanced malware protection technology
  • Reduce risks to information security with sophisticated encryption technology