Becoming more efficient, more effective, more competitive—these are aspirations shared by nations across the globe. Increasingly, government agencies are making great strides towards achieving these goals. They are adopting the latest productivity tools to drive efficiencies, simplifying and streamlining with the cloud, modernizing the desktop for improved performance, and creating mixed IT environments that integrate open source solutions. Discover how government agencies are becoming learner and more efficient below.

Lower costs with communication and collaboration tools

Save on operational expenses and gain productivity by using up-to-date tools that enhance worker mobility, improve access to people and information, and increase citizen engagement. With the latest tools, you can also:

  • Reduce travel costs with virtual meetings and training sessions.
  • Support mobile service professionals with quick access to data.
  • Improve rapid collaboration with improved ability to share information.

Explore how tools in today's modern workplace help agencies focus their resources more toward driving goals and less on costly maintenance.

See more benefits of productivity applications

Streamline and simplify with the cloud

The cloud makes "IT on demand" a reality – achieving economies of scale, driving down existing infrastructure costs or enabling fewer upfront costs for new citizen services. It provides an effective way to keep pace with austerity measures through reduced maintenance and support fees.

With the cloud, budget forecasting can be improved and unpredictable monthly costs can be avoided. Instead of spending time on maintenance, staff can focus on high-priority activities and initiatives.

Lean about potential cost savings with the cloud

Avoid costly security breaches by using modern technology

With updated software and solutions from Microsoft, you can avoid hidden costs and burdensome maintenance. Although it may seem cost-effective to hold onto hardware or software as long as possible, outdated tools require frequent support and can present a potential security breach.

Understand the hidden costs of open source

Open source technology may seem like a good solution for cutting costs, but there are many hidden expenses. For example, there are high costs associated with training workers on specialized open source options, and they can be avoided by using well-known solutions from Microsoft.