Creating Opportunity

Creating Opportunity

In partnership with governments, organizations, private businesses, and other stakeholders, Microsoft helps provide skills, training, and technology access to citizens through a variety of initiatives.

Sustainable economic and social opportunity requires government policies that help create an environment for progress. Microsoft works closely with government leaders and other policy makers to develop and support programs that create opportunities for citizens. These programs can help you:

Create jobs

The vast majority of the 700,000 partners in the Microsoft network are locally-owned small businesses. These companies earn U.S. $8.70 for every dollar Microsoft earns. These partners employ more than 6 million people and invest billions each year into their own local economies. On a broader scale, the technology industry continues to contribute to global economic growth and, together with the innovation it fosters, is an essential driver of competitive 21st century economies.

Expand local innovation

In collaboration with local partners, we provide software, training, and support to thousands of local businesses, university researchers, and the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Provide skills, training, and technology access to workers

Through partnerships with community-based organizations, we have provided new skills and employment opportunities to millions of people worldwide.

Develop holistic strategies and policies

We partner with governments to promote broad-based innovation, job creation, and competitiveness.

Innovate and expand on educational partnerships

Our collaborative programs have brought new ways of learning, new skills, and opportunity to more than 175 million students worldwide.


  • Efficiency: Accelerate the pace of innovation

    Microsoft helps governments transform information into insight, and public workers into knowledge workers, giving them the edge they need to stay ahead of the technology tidal wave.

  • Engagement: Connect with your people

    Because of technology’s increasing reach, people have come to expect instant access to everything - that’s why we help the public sector bring services and information to citizens anytime, anywhere.