Government, Public Safety, and Defense events sponsored by Microsoft and our partners can help you meet and share ideas with others in the industry, plus stay informed on the latest products, technologies, processes, and trends.

Government Envisioning Workshops

Join us for Government Envisioning Workshops February 7-10 in South Africa; March 14-18 in Dubai, UAE; and March 21-25 in India.

Government Leaders Forum – Europe

November 3-4, 2010, London. At this 2010 Government Leaders Forum (GLF) in London, we discussed how governments can apply innovative solutions and act as drivers of change in order to achieve the Europe 2020 vision. Learn more from our event summary.

Public Safety Symposium

March 22-24, 2011, Redmond, WA. The Microsoft Public Safety Symposium will increase awareness of how technology can support the Public Safety sector, and provide practical solutions that can be used to address daily challenges.

Asia Pacific Defence Forum

November 2-4, 2010 in Singapore. The Asia Pacific Defence Forum focused on key military challenges facing defense leaders and how ICT can contribute towards success and improvement of military operations (tactically and functionally).

National Security Leaders Forum – Latin America

November 17-18, 2010 in Colombia. The National Safety Leaders Forum focused on key national security challenges facing defense and public safety leaders and how IT can contribute to solutions in the Latin American regions.