Citizen Service Platform

Better serve your citizens through flexible solutions, products, and partnerships.

Introducing the Microsoft Citizen Service Platform

An overview of the Citizen Service Platform for citizen interaction and services solutions. Watch the video

Today’s governments face profound changes – an increasingly global, connected world; an aging population; rising citizen expectations; and tight budgets – and all this on top of the pressing need for a safer, healthier environment. Your people have the power to meet these challenges and serve their communities better in the 21st century. However, to transform government services, they need the right tools.

Microsoft can help. The Microsoft Citizen Service Platform (CSP) is a set of solutions that helps local, regional, and national governments solve their unique business challenges. Component-based and rapidly configurable, CSP can support common technology and process foundations across agencies, helping governments deliver high-quality, highly efficient services to citizens and businesses everywhere. 

CSP solutions address the distinct security and privacy concerns of governments, as well as interoperability and environmental sustainability goals.

Citizen interaction

Microsoft and our partners can help you transform the way you deliver services and information to citizens with scalable, efficient digital solutions that meet the expectations of technology-savvy citizens. The result: More collaborative, two-way conversations between you and your citizens, and more satisfied constituents. CSP can help you:

  • Meet increasing citizen demand for individualized online services through citizen portals.

  • Use social media to engage constituents and strengthen your relationships with them.

  • Provide higher transparency, spawn innovation, and provide greater interoperability, using open government principles and standards, such as the Open Government Data Initiative, open source software integration, and open standards for portability and consumption.

Worker productivity

CSP solutions can help you lower the cost of government administration while providing your employees rich and powerful new ways to access business intelligence and deliver their best work efficiently, whether on a PC, a portable device, or using a browser - on-premises or in the cloud. These solutions also bring analysis into sharp focus, delivering crisp, decisive information using enhanced productivity tools, collaboration features, and customizable templates that work the way your people do. With CSP, you can:

  • Promote responsible fiscal management of public resources.

  • Gain access to the information you need to anticipate important regulatory requirements.

  • Improve personal and team productivity by helping civil servants connect and collaborate for intra-governmental work across teams and across organizations.

Modernizing ICT infrastructure

Technology is an important catalyst to help you free up resources and serve citizens more effectively. Turning that promise into reality requires innovation that meets your unique security, reliability, and regulatory needs. CSP solutions are designed to help you accelerate modernization by allowing you to:

  • Consolidate and manage ICT assets across any government function and reduce energy costs for your data center.

  • Lower ICT management functions and help improve security, optimize the desktop, and deploy what you own.

  • Transform the way you work with other organizations, with citizens and customers, and through the cloud - while being mindful of cloud and on-premises security issues unique to government organizations.

  • Provide ICT resources, as a service, in a dynamic and scalable manner through cloud computing.