Microsoft plays a leadership role in government with these initiatives designed to help grow economies, increase competiveness in the global marketplace, enhance safety and security, and meet rising demands with dwindling resources.

Citizen Safety Architecture

Microsoft Citizen Safety Architecture enables governments to rapidly prototype, build, and deploy solutions to help improve citizen safety and security.

Citizen Service Platform

Engage citizens, improve productivity, and modernize infrastructure through flexible solutions tailored for local, regional, and national governments.


Microsoft helps governments apply technology innovation to strengthen economies, address societal challenges, and promote a healthy online ecosystem.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce energy consumption, rethink business processes, and measure policy effectiveness to reach government environmental sustainability goals.

Government Engagement Programs

Through a broad range of Government Engagement Programs, Microsoft partners with policy makers and governments in more than 120 countries.


Microsoft and its partners help governments provide interoperability using open government principles and standards.

Microsoft on Cloud Computing

Powerful software and massive computing resources where and when you need them.

Open Government

Open standards help governments provide greater transparency, spawn innovation, and create efficiencies in administration with maximum interoperability.

Open Government Data Initiative

The Open Government Data Initiative is a cloud-based collection of software assets that enables publicly-available government data to be easily accessible.

Security and Privacy

Microsoft works closely with government leaders and policymakers around the world to more strategically and effectively address issues of cyber security.