Open Government

Using open government principles to help governments provide higher transparency, foster innovation, and create efficiencies in administration.

Open source framework utilized by City of Vancouver

Social mapping app VanGuide released as open source framework Learn more

Microsoft open government solutions allow you to reach and interact with citizens when and where they need it. Our solutions help you provide effective information between various government agencies and with constituents while not sacrificing security and privacy. 

With these solutions you can maintain a secure, distributed information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure with open, standards-based technology by:

  • Adapting applications and services that support new public initiatives and are flexible to support future technology innovations and standards, safely and securely.

  • Enabling seamless usage and interaction between government workers and citizens.

  • Extending information to more people for a broader benefit to society.

  • Securing government data while simplifying and optimizing your information management infrastructure.

  • Building the basis for a growing and sustainable economy by providing the right platforms and enhanced security.

Increasing government transparency empowers you with the tools you need to improve citizen services and increase collaboration between government agencies and private organizations. Our Open Government Data Initiative, a cloud-based collection of software assets, helps you make publicly-available government data easily accessible. 

An active participant in providing open source solutions, Microsoft shares the common industry view that organizations will continue to have a mixed ICT environment of open source and proprietary products for years to come. Microsoft is committed to helping you thrive in this mixed-source world where interoperability is the key. Our open government solutions support government agendas by giving your people powerful new ways to deliver their work from varied locations across a broad variety of devices.

Secure and effective data sharing

  • Consolidate citizen data from multiple systems.

  • Represent data from heterogeneous systems in simple and accessible ways.

  • Combine systems and data to create new services.

  • Increase the ability to collaborate on case information across multiple departments or agencies, securely and privately.

Open access across mixed technology environments

  • Enable users of Microsoft systems to access data as well as context and data description information from non-Microsoft systems.

  • Allow systems running on other platforms to access data housed in Microsoft systems in a streamlined and meaningful way.

  • Help prepare governments to expose data for use as a service through the use of standards in Microsoft products and collaboration with others in the industry.

Microsoft open government solutions allow government workers to stay focused on the business of government, not the business of ICT, to enable greater innovation, greater transparency, and maximum efficiencies.