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End to End Trust

End to End Trust is Microsoft's vision for a safer, more trusted Internet. Watch this informational video to learn more. Watch the video

Microsoft helps government agencies create more effective security and privacy controls for the technology of today and tomorrow. From Internet and messaging security to personal privacy protection, Microsoft has a variety of solutions to help governments address complex security needs.

A safer, more trusted Internet

End to End Trust is our vision for a safer, more trusted Internet. This vision can only be achieved through broad cross-industry collaboration and alignment. Microsoft has identified three key areas of focus needed to realize this vision:

Security and privacy fundamentals

Our goal is to build more secure software with privacy in mind. To guide our development activities, we use:

  • The Security Development Lifecycle.

  • Privacy guidelines for developing software products and services.

  • Defense in-depth.

  • Threat mitigation.

Technology innovations

Innovative technology is required to create greater trust on the Internet. This includes:

  • A trusted stack with security rooted in hardware.

  • The ability to establish trust between systems end-to-end.

  • In-person proofing and an identity metasystem.

Social, economic, political, and ICT alignment

To enable change, technological innovation must be aligned with social, economic, political, and ICT forces. To that end, we work to engage in dialogue, collaboration, and consensus-building with customers, partners, industry, and governments.

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Security for good governance

Governments are under extreme pressure to provide improved services with reduced costs. You need to increase collaboration, empower people, and share resources more effectively - all while protecting your assets and infrastructure. In response to these challenges and opportunities, Microsoft offers Business Ready Security, which is based on these tenants: Integrate and extend security across the enterprise; help protect everywhere, access anywhere; and simplify the security experience, manage compliance. Our security products address these security scenarios:

Secure messaging

Helps you deliver more secure business communication from virtually anywhere and on virtually any device, while preventing unauthorized use of confidential information.

Secure collaboration

Enables more secure business collaboration from virtually anywhere and across devices, while helping to prevent unauthorized use of confidential information.

Secure endpoint

Helps protect client and server operating systems from emerging threats and information loss, while enabling more secure access from virtually anywhere.

Information protection

Helps you discovers, protect, and manage confidential data throughout your organization with a comprehensive solution integrated with your computing platform and applications.

Identity and access management

Enables more secure, identity-based access to applications on-premises and in the cloud from virtually any location or virtually any device.

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Empowering people to manage personal information

In a global economy that relies on a massive exchange of information, protecting privacy is critical. Microsoft believes that citizens have the right to control their own personal information, to be selective about the communications they receive, and to trust the technologies, services, and solutions they use on a regular basis.

Privacy protections are essential for building confidence in the Internet and helping people make better decisions online. Building trust requires collaboration with customers, partners, the technology industry, and governments worldwide.

Because of our extensive experience building privacy protections into our product and service offerings, we are able to offer government officials and policymakers:

  • Information and guidance on current privacy issues and topics such as cloud computing.

  • Materials and resources designed to help inform and protect the public.

Learn more about Microsoft Privacy.

Microsoft security programs for governments

To address the security issues specific to government organizations, we have developed these programs:

The Security Cooperation Program (SCP) provides a structured way for governments and Microsoft to engage in cooperative security activities in the areas of computer incident response, attack mitigation, and citizen outreach.

The Government Security Program (GSP) is a global initiative from Microsoft that provides national governments and international organizations with access to source code for Microsoft products and platforms, technical information, and development staff.

Security for government ICT professionals

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