Microsoft works with an extensive ecosystem of partners worldwide who offer solutions built on our technology platform. These solutions are based on industry expertise and provide the foundation for solving the most complex business challenges.

Featured Partners: Emergency Event Management

Infusion Software

Infusion solves problems by combining expert software engineering with appealing user experiences and design, offering a suite of IT services including: custom architecture, training, mentoring, hosting, support and user experience and design solutions.


Nviron provides IT infrastructure, networking and security solutions to organisations demanding availability integrity and security. Nviron solves server, connectivity and security problems with the support needed for consistently high levels of service.


Geodan and ESRI have developed the Eagle solution where Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace, Office SharePoint, ESRI's ArcGIS and Geodan's Movida are integrated into a disaster management information system winning the Dutch Public Safety Award 2008.


ESRI’s ArcGIS is an integrated collection of GIS software products providing a standards-based platform for spatial analysis, data management and mapping. ArcGIS products are used throughout the enterprise on desktops, via servers and mobile devices.


E•SPONDER is a software solution that enables multiple first response entities to share critical information when collaborating in the preparation, response, resolution, and review processes associated with daily activities, events, and incidents.


Intergraph enables first responders to quickly receive calls at a dispatch center or detect threats through a variety of security devices, assess the severity of incidents, and respond quickly and efficiently to allocate critical resources.


Twisted Pair Solution's award-winning WAVE software technology enables partners and customers to build and operate secure, highly scalable communications solutions in the world's most demanding environments.

Motorola PremierOne

Motorola PremierOne is a unified applications suite providing one enduring real-time view for enhanced safety and resource allocation. PremierOne provides the ability to proactively deploy resources and dramatically improve situational awareness.

Total Computer

Total Computer Group’s fully integrated suite, Total Enforcement, controls receipt and entry of emergency calls, dispatches, tracks and conveys all known/relevant info to available responders, automating incident data entry and reporting.