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Microsoft military logistics white paper

Learn about the Microsoft key pillars for integrated defense logistics.

Intelligence Systems datasheet

Learn how to take information insight further to understand multiple, complex, and multi-structured streams of information.

GSOC datasheet

Get an overview of the Microsoft GSOC solution in this summary.

GSOC white paper

Understand GSOC in more depth and the integration of Microsoft products and partner solutions.

Intelligence Framework datasheet

The Microsoft Intelligence Framework enables law enforcement and intelligence-related organizations to share information and work together to provide a coordinated approach to preventing, detecting, and solving organized crime and acts of terrorism.

How Microsoft addresses the four top cloud computing issues

Learn how Microsoft helps organizations address issues of list security, privacy, reliability, and operational control through cloud computing.

Cost savings and scalability to Windows Azure

Learn how the Windows Azure platform can provide business optimization by helping you reduce costs through simplified application deployment and flexible, cost-effective software scalability.

Cloud basics e-book series

Learn more about the cloud through this e-book series.

Economic Impact of Magellan (Portugal)

Read this report about the economic impact of Magellan in Portugal.

Manifesto For a Networked Nation

Read this manifesto to support digital inclusion in the UK and Race Online 2012.

Champion For Digital Inclusion

Read the economic case for digital inclusion prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers as part of the Race Online 2012.

Deep Secure public safety white paper

This paper reviews Deep-Secure’s secure data handling products for the highest defence and national security standards, where confidential or sensitive information must be protected and secured.

Data center efficiency datasheet

Learn more about how to modernize government IT infrastructure.

Data center efficiency presentation

See how Microsoft data center efficiency solutions are addressing the challenges faced by governments around the world.

Identity management datasheet

Learn more about identity and access management for trusted and efficient eGovernment services

Identity management presentation

See how Microsoft identity management solutions are addressing the challenges faced by governments around the world.

A government worth having white paper

Find out why interoperability is an issue for government leaders, and what must be done specifically by these leaders to build the critical foundation of interoperability through this informative white paper.

A guide to Claims-based Identity and Access Control

A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control describes an innovative approach for building applications that authenticate and authorize users.

A new frontier in military maintenance and repair white paper

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution designed to reduce repair cycle time and costs of defense equipment provided by Microsoft, and our partners Tectura, Intercim and NGRAIN.

Achieving cost and resource savings with Microsoft Unified Communications

Learn how Unified Communications provides proactive responses to the harsh economic environment and how Microsoft UC solutions can enable those responses for your Enterprise.