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    • TownHall demonstration

      Explore the TownHall demo site to learn what Microsoft TownHall can do for your campaign. If you like, you can log in using our test account, add or respond to questions, and cast your vote to better understand how TownHall works.

  • Partners

    • Synteractive

      Synteractive works with candidates, public sector agencies and governments to design and build a custom solution for organizations built on the TownHall platform.

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      Get into high gear, fast, with ElectionMall Campaign Cloud to create a Get a customizable campaign web page, manage and track fundraising online, and collaborate with staff and constituents anywhere, anytime.

    • GOP wants web site to put policy in hands of voters

      Read this CNN story to learn how Microsoft teamed up with the GOP to develop the site "".

    • TownHall code gallery

      TownHall provides a cloud-hosted solution in a low-cost, low-friction fashion. This project contains the source code for the core API and the web client. This provides an organization and/or partners with the ability to make customize or extend TownHall.