Tools & Toolkits

These tools and tookits will help you get the most out of Microsoft products and solutions.

Take the Cloud Power Assessment Tool

Use this online analytic tool to create a customized cloud power report.

Tools / Azure total cost of operations analysis tool

This TCO calculator can be used to help organizations identify an optimal Windows Azure Platform configuration and pricing overview, and quantify migration costs.

Tools / Balanced scorecard accelerator for government

Report performance measures more accurately, make smarter strategy decisions, and improve agency performance with Microsoft Balanced Scorecard Accelerator for government.

Tools / Business intelligence application platform capacity assessment

Answer the questions in this assessment and gain an accurate review of your current IT capability for Business Intelligence.

Tools / Business value framework tool

A two-step assessment tool to identify current IT infrastructure maturity level and provides a tailor-made report detailing the benefits that your organisation could expect from moving to the next level.

Calculators / Business value framework: A carbon and financial savings calculator for government

The Business Value Framework Tool was developed to collect information about current opportunities for service level improvements and cost savings and recommends ways that Microsoft can help address these opportunities.

Toolkits / Government 2.0 toolkit

Gov 2.0 Toolkit Files

Calculators / Green IT desktop ROI calculator

This calculator can quickly assess how much CO2 a government will save by optimizing their server or desktop assets.

Calculators / Green IT server ROI calculator

Use our Sustainability Calculator to estimate your company's carbon footprint and see the savings you can achieve through enlightened IT implementation.

Calculators / Integrated virtualization return on investment calculator

This analysis will help your organization determine the consolidation benefits and advantages of Microsoft Integrated Virtualization as a key component of moving to a Dynamic level of Core Infrastructure Optimization.

Toolkits / Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for energy efficient computing

Organizations can use the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit to quickly obtain comprehensive planning knowledge for migration to energy efficient computing technologies.

Calculators / Unified Communications cost savings calculator

Microsoft Unified Communications Cost Savings Calculator shows you the most common cost and resource savings opportunities for your organization in just a few minutes.

Tools / Windows optimized desktop scenarios assessment tool

The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios map business requirements for a flexible, efficient, and managed desktop environment to sets of complementary Microsoft technologies by defining and using five standard user scenarios.