Data Center Efficiency

Data Center Efficiency

Help improve ICT operational efficiency, reduce your environmental impact, gain higher end-to-end trust, and increase organizational agility with data center efficiency solutions.

Shrinking budgets and a growing demand for flexible, trustworthy, and innovative services are causing many government organizations to rethink their technology infrastructure strategies. The question is: "How can I do more with less by being smart and efficient?"

Dynamic infrastructure for efficient and sustainable operations

Data center efficiency solutions from Microsoft help you improve operational efficiency while also addressing carbon footprint and power consumption challenges. Our core infrastructure optimization solutions include Microsoft cloud services, virtualization and systems management, automated deployment, enterprise identity management, and comprehensive information protection and access management.

The benefits to deploying these solutions include:

Optimized and secure desktops

  • Prescriptive, locked-down, automated deployment.

  • Low-cost, centralized management.

  • Application or desktop virtualization where suitable.

Cost-effective and elastic data centers

  • Consolidated server infrastructure through virtualization and cloud services.

  • Reduced operating cost through centralized system management.

  • Highly automated, elastic, and self-serviced - ie. Private Cloud.

End-to-end security solutions supporting good governance

  • Protect everywhere and access anywhere.

  • Integrate and extend security across agencies.

  • Simplify security experience and manage compliance. 

Smooth collaboration

  • Seamless and secure experience for internal and external collaboration.

  • Simple to deploy, easy-to-manage digital identities across organizational units.

  • Multiple authentication methods according to desired level of information protection.