Microsoft partners with national security and defense agencies to help them choose and implement the right sets of technologies, solutions, services, and programs to help better defend nations and protect citizen safety and security.

Defense Transformation solutions

Microsoft helps your defense organization transform information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructures. Learn more


Through partnerships and citizenship initiatives we help drive defense and national security innovation and accessibility to enable efficiency and operational effectiveness.

  • Defense Transformation

    Microsoft and partner solutions help defense organizations transition ICT infrastructures for increased efficiency and productivity.

  • Intelligence Systems

    Intelligence solutions help law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and defense organizations conduct intelligence, investigate crime, and detect threats.

  • Military Logistics

    Optimize defense operations with tools to securely manage complex military logistics processes as well as financial, procurement, and resource operations.

  • Secured Unified Communications

    Unify communications systems for better collaboration, keeping correspondence with the people you trust classified and secure.

  • Situational Awareness

    Visualize military operations or public safety events in real time to enable government leaders to make informed, precise decisions as events unfold.

Case Studies

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What's New

Microsoft helps organizations throughout the world use the latest technology to help defend nations.  


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