Solution areas

Combining our strength in enterprise technologies with the industry-specific knowledge of our valued partners, we offer solutions to help solve the most pressing business concerns of government agencies.

Government solutions:

Addressing Societal Challenges

Innovation and partnerships can address societal challenges from energy and the environment to retraining workers and increasing government transparency.

Case Management

Protect public records, preserve, and expand access to documents while maintaining authenticity and meeting compliance requirements.

Citizen Interaction

Microsoft helps governments enhance citizen interaction, worker productivity, and IT infrastructure with secure, cost-effective solutions.

Cloud Services

Microsoft Cloud Services can reduce costs, simplify management, improve services, provide transparency, and improve citizen interaction safety and securely.

Data Center Efficiency

Improve IT operational efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, gain higher end-to-end trust, and increase organizational agility.

Defense Transformation

Microsoft and partner solutions help defense organizations transition ICT infrastructures for increased efficiency and productivity.

Emergency and Event Management

Events and emergencies impacting public safety and security require innovative collaboration solutions to ensure the skillful response of government agencies.

Government 2.0

Social media capabilities improve citizen interaction and government response time, enabling a more open and transparent government and citizen relationship.

Identity Management

Digital identities for citizens and enterprises facilitate and streamline authentication and authorization across borders and across multiple identity systems.

Integrated Justice

Judicial systems can be more effective with productivity, collaboration, and integration tools to streamline the justice process and reduce costs.

Intelligence Systems

Intelligence solutions help law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and defense organizations conduct intelligence, investigate crime, and detect threats.

Microsoft TownHall

Connect with citizens using Microsoft TownHall, scale your communication online, aggregate feedback, and gain voter insight.

Military Logistics

Optimize defense operations with tools to securely manage complex military logistics processes as well as financial, procurement, and resource operations.

Performance Management

Business intelligence solutions build on existing technology investments to empower government workers with accurate, up-to-date information.

Public Finance and Accounting

Enterprise resource planning solutions drive business performance, measure financial effectiveness, and inform better business decisions while reducing costs.

Records Management

Microsoft helps governments protect the public record, track records modifications, and maintain document authenticity with records management solutions.

Secured Unified Communications

Unify communications systems for better collaboration, keeping correspondence with the people you trust classified and secure.

Shape the Future

Public-Private Partnerships harness the innovation and resources of private companies and citizens to deliver digital access to underserved communities.

Situational Awareness

Visualize military operations or public safety events in real time to enable government leaders to make informed, precise decisions as events unfold.

Strengthening Economies

Microsoft partners with governments, businesses, and citizens to nurture an environment where opportunity and growth can flourish.

Workplace Modernization

Improve workforce performance, increase quality of service, and automate operations quickly and cost-effectively through modernization solutions.