Workplace Modernization

Workplace Modernization

Help improve workforce performance, increase your quality of service, and automate operations using familiar technology that you already own.

Leveraging the power of technology may be the best answer to providing more services with less budget. Technology can play a significant role in allowing you to continue existing services and even add new ones during these tough economic times. By taking advantage of out-of-the-box capabilities of Microsoft products, governments can transform their business processes and improve productivity levels by leveraging these key capabilities.

Integrated communications

Your employees currently use many devices - telephones, mobile phones, portable digital devices, desktop computers, portable computers, and Internet kiosks - to communicate and access information. At Microsoft, we’re working to simplify communications by integrating the myriad of options available to teams and individuals. We deliver intelligent software that helps to ensure people can easily connect to each other and to the information they need, wherever they are.

Collaborative workspaces

Productivity suffers when workers have to constantly change applications and devices to get a job done. Effective, collaborative technologies enable people to work purposefully toward a goal without unnecessary disruption.

Microsoft provides a single, holistic work environment to enable purposeful and focused action. Imagine a virtual workspace that your employees can set up themselves and access from any line-of-business application. Imagine they can use it to communicate with one another, to author and share documents, and to manage projects. Suddenly, your global teams can work together easily and efficiently.

Access to information and people

With the rise in volume of information shared across industries and the increasing number of virtual teams, your people need a way to identify the right information and connect to the right people at the right time.

Microsoft portal and content management solutions offer fast, centralized access to knowledge through a wide variety of content aggregation and content surfacing capabilities. Workers can access critical information sources and get the data they need when they need it. Consider the improvements in productivity of your employees if they were empowered with customizable, self-service tools, helping them find who and what they need on the spot.

People-driven processes

Often, organizations spend time and money automating back-end business processes without thinking about how line-of-business applications fit into employees’ overall workflow. Employees need a unified platform for documenting, analyzing, modeling, and automating business processes.

Microsoft brings business process automation to the desktop by connecting workers to line-of-business information through the familiar applications they use every day. Integrating back-end systems and databases with familiar productivity tools enables your employees to create and submit invoices, process orders, and respond to customer problems in an efficient, streamlined manner.