Microsoft Public Safety & Justice Event Series


Microsoft Presenters featured at our Public Safety and Justice events, are among the best in the industry.

Their extensive real-world experience and credentials are rivaled only by their enthusiasm for the application of technology to solve important Public Safety & Justice challenges.

Dr. Andrew Hawkins

Managing Director, Public Safety & Justice, Microsoft Corporation

Andrew Hawkins is responsible for Microsoft's worldwide public safety and justice business and is part of the Worldwide Public Sector organization. During the past 20 years, Hawkins has held a number of national, international and global management roles at Microsoft and been a member of such well known organizations as Europol, EuroJust, World Bank, United Nations, Interpol, and The European Regional Information Society Association (ERISA).

Sergio Ortega Cruz

Worldwide Industry Solution Manager, Public Safety and National Security and Defense, Microsoft Corporation

Sergio Ortega Cruz is currently the Worldwide Industry Solution Manager for Public Safety, National Security and Defense for Microsoft. Ortega Cruz has managed the development of sales strategies, marketing "go-to-market" initiatives, and partner development in several different verticals. He has more than 14 years in the industry and has extensive experience in virtually all facets of the Public Safety, Justice and National Security industries.