Advance Collaboration

Advance Collaboration

Coordinate response and information sharing, enhance real-time communication and collaboration, and deepen citizen engagement.

​As demands on first responder services—including crime, fire, traffic incidents, aid calls, and other emergencies—increase, these organizations need to coordinate their operations and processes to streamline activities, maximize limited resources, and address changing requirements.

Microsoft Advance Collaboration solutions can help improve operational effectiveness and efficiency for first responders and law enforcement. On-premises and cloud-based solutions, enabled by technology from Microsoft and its partners, help coordinate response and information sharing across agencies creating safer communities for those they serve.​

Use Advance Collaboration solutions to:

  • Break down silos.
  • Enhance real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Deepen citizen interaction to share intelligence and accelerate investigation-led lifecycles.

To learn more about Microsoft and partner solutions for Advance Collaboration, see the resources in the sidebar. Or, find a Microsoft Public Safety and National Security partner.​