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  • North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety

    The public sector continues to find more ways to leverage the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet their unique needs. Watch how field officers use our product to administer licensing, to track investigations and to provide for citizen safety.

  • Situational awareness and technology behind Bing Maps Streetside

    An inside look at the technology powering the new, multi-dimensional Bing Maps Streetside feature.

  • The power of the cloud in disaster response

    Rick Zak, Justice & Public Safety Solutions, Microsoft Corporation, and Tim Conley, Deputy Commander, Missouri-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team, demonstrate the power of the cloud in disaster response situations at the Public Safety Symposium.

  • The power of cloud computing for government

    Overview of the benefits of cloud computing for governments and their constituents.

  • Tablet PC Aids in Policing

    Captain Francesco Morelli with the Arma dei Carabinieri, Italy speaks about their Enhanced Vehicle Automation solution that enhances public safety at the Public Safety Symposium 2011.

  • Mapping Public Safety with Bing Maps

    This session from the WW Public Safety Symposium demonstrates how the Bing Maps Platform as a web service and Virtual Earth Server for secure and classified networks, provides a common operational picture to visualize and understand critical data.

  • Maritime agency provides real-time data with enhanced visualization technology

    The Maritime Administration created MarView, a data visualization system based on Microsoft Single View Platform technologies.

  • Leveraging Xbox Kinect for Homeland Security Operations

    Joan Lui, Information Systems Officer with Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore talks about how they built applications using Kinect for increased accuracy of border crossing security and detecting fake faces for facial recognition.

  • International Collaboration for Public Safety

    Timothy Williams, Director, U.S. Department of Justice, Interpol Washington, U.S. National Central Bureau speaks about international collaboration at the Public Safety Symposium 2011.

  • Fusion in a Box

    This video discusses the Microsoft Fusion Core Solution (FCS), provides a customer’s review of the of Fusion Core Solution (FCS) in the Washington State Fusion Center, and offers a demonstration of FCS capabilities.