• North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety

    The public sector continues to find more ways to leverage the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet their unique needs. Watch how field officers use our product to administer licensing, to track investigations and to provide for citizen safety.

  • Digital Forensics at Netherlands Forensic Institute

    Erica Rietveld, Netherlands Forensics Institute, explains how her team extract and interpret digital data in criminal cases at the Public Safety Symposium.

  • Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism

    Richard A. Falkenrath, PhD speaks on combatting organized crime and terrorism, providing two cases from the real world, the evolution of public safety in the U.S. and the role of policy, law, institutions and technology at the Public Safety Symposium.

  • Real impact for better public safety and justice

    This video reflects the Worldwide Public Sector’s theme of “Real Impact for a Better Tomorrow” with stories from around the world illustrating how Microsoft has impacted lives through its innovation in the industries of Public Safety and Justice.