Integrated Justice

Integrated Justice

Transform judicial efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and process speed.

Police, prosecution, and other criminal justice organizations are challenged to improve information gathering and sharing while maintaining strict privacy and confidentiality standards. At the same, they are tasked with increasing speed and accuracy and lowering costs in judicial procedures.

Microsoft and partner solutions for e-justice, judicial case and records management, judicial management, and integrated justice connect people and data, simplify processes, and increase efficiencies. These solutions often integrate with existing systems, making them cost-effective to deploy.​

From incident to trial, penalty, and parole, Microsoft integrated justice solutions can help your organization:

  • Collaborate and share reports and data.
  • Maintain standards, privacy, and security.
  • Extend your judicial capability.

Collaborate and share reports and data
Make collaboration and completion of processes easier with improved information sharing capabilities and automation of manual processes. Our solutions for integrated justice can help you:

  • Provide criminal justice officials with the flexibility to reach their colleagues and access justice applications and the information they need, virtually anywhere, anytime.*
  • Manage and simplify complex, time-consuming case preparation and processing with enhanced collaboration capabilities to improve information gathering and capture, analysis, sharing, decision making, and communications.
  • Share information between jurisdictions within a region and between agencies or neighboring police departments, from virtually any location or device, with enhanced security that can help prevent unauthorized use of confidential information.*
  • Automate manual paper-based processes and integrate enhancement with legacy systems.

*Internet connection and appropriate device required.

Maintain standards, privacy, and security
Developed with the principles of continuous security enhancements and Trustworthy Computing to increase the security, privacy, and reliability of computing, our integrated justice solutions can help you:

  • Adhere to ever-changing statutory requirements concerning privacy and confidentiality and keep vital information safeguarded by distributing justice data in a common format that can help you comply with the Global Justice XML Data Model and other industry standard data models.
  • Grant the right people, at the right level, access to certain data while supporting the privacy and security requirements of the justice process.
  • Enable users to author web services and help adhere to Global Justice XML Data Model standards, facilitating accurate exchange with the justice community.

Extend your judicial capability
Provide court case and offender management solutions with comprehensive features that make investigations, case preparation, and prosecution more effective and efficient, resulting in a streamlined process from start to finish.

Tailor solutions to incorporate:

  • Video streams
  • Team workspaces
  • Citizen access justice portals
  • Customized email systems
  • Integrated geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping for field operative collaboration*

*Geographic Information System capabilities are not available in all geographies.

To learn more about Microsoft and partner solutions for integrated justice, see the resources in the sidebar. Or, find a Microsoft Public Safety and National Security partner.

1 An appropriate device, Internet connection, and supported versions of Internet Explorer®,Firefox, or Safari browser are required. Access from mobile devices requires Wi-Fi capability or depends on network availability. Some mobile functionality requires Microsoft®Office Mobile 2010, which is included with specific releases of Windows Phones and Nokia phones. Office Mobile 2010 is not included in Office 2010 applications, suites, or Web Apps. There are some differences between the features of the Office Web Apps, Office Mobile 2010, and the Office 2010 applications.