Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Help give commanders an accurate, real-time visualization of operations using geospatial information.

Microsoft situational awareness solutions can help your commanders understand the exact location, capacity, and status of their assets and people to help make rapid decisions, deploy the right level of support, and determine the most effective response to unfolding events.

In pressurized, rapidly changing environments, our solutions help enable informed, highly precise decision making with an intuitive geospatial display of information that is consistent with your organization’s procedures. Gaining the most accurate information possible helps your leaders and teams make better decisions, provide superior support to their people in the field, and improve the success of operations.

Collaborate for improved situational awareness

Microsoft technologies, such as Office SharePoint Server, provide a single location where staff can:

  • Efficiently collaborate with team members.
  • Find information resources.
  • Search for experts and intelligence information.
  • Manage content and workflow to make better-informed decisions.

Situational awareness data and reporting can be updated and published easily. Content authors can create and share documents and reports using custom intranet, extranet, and Internet applications to enable better-informed command and control decisions.

To learn more about Microsoft and partner solutions for situational awareness, see the resources in the sidebar. Or, find a Microsoft Public Safety and National Security partner.