Managing a mobile workforce: think data, not just devices

2014-04-18 | Susie Adams, CTO, Microsoft Federal
In her keynote address at the 4th annual MobileGov Summit, Microsoft CTO Susie Adams shared strategies for keeping a mobile workforce productive, connected, and safe. Here are some excerpts.

Report from Federal Forum: making mobile make sense for government

2014-04-17 | Jane Boulware, VP, US Windows Devices
A mobile evangelist identifies some favorite Microsoft technologies that allow government agencies to welcome secure, mobile devices.

6 questions to ask your IT staff about data security in the cloud

2014-04-02 | Dan Mannion, Director, Public Sector Cloud Strategy
Before you deploy a national cloud, go ahead and put your IT team on the spot. Their response to these 6 questions will determine your level of readiness for a national cloud deployment.

Mecklenburg County places bet on Microsoft trifecta and wins big

2014-04-01 | Michael Donlan, Vice President, U.S. State and Local Government Microsoft Corp.
North Carolina county finds $3.2 million in quick savings with 3 Microsoft products—and gets employees excited to come to work.

Custom apps: What to know when you roll your own

2014-03-06 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
When the IT teams says, “There’s no app for that,” you may need to create your own. Luckily, others have gone down this path, and their roadmap can help you get there.

3 first steps for building a hybrid national cloud

2014-03-03 | Dan Mannion, Director, Public Sector Cloud Strategy
Hybrid cloud is an idea whose time has come, but for most governments, the first steps are the hardest.

Breakthrough year for public/private collaboration in emergencies?

2014-02-12 | Charles Jennings, CEO, Swan Island Networks
No government can fully prepare for events like the recent ice storm that hit Atlanta, but with better public/private collaboration, emergency response can be much improved. Here’s one way to make it happen.

Cloud OS Network: 5 important things to know

2014-02-05 | Dan Mannion, Director, Public Sector Cloud Strategy
Microsoft’s new global cloud consortium launched in December. Here are the top-five questions government leaders are asking.

State and Local Governments Reap Benefits of Technology to Transform Cities

2013-11-13 | Michele Bedford Thistle, Business Manager, Government, National Security, and International Organizations, Worldwide Public Sector
The 2013 Congress of Cities and Exposition brings together city leaders from across the United States. Find out how state and local governments are on the leading edge of progress.

Four keys to government cyber security

2013-10-20 | Dr. Andrew Hawkins, Managing Director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation
To battle rising cyber crime, Poland launched a multipronged attack. See how they did it, and get some ideas for safeguarding your own systems.

It’s cyber security month. Is your backdoor locked?

2013-10-14 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Cyber security is part technology and part personal initiative. Here are three actions you can take right now to make your agency cyber-secure.

IT/OT convergence: Big impact for smarter cities

2013-09-30 | Jeff Meyers, Smart Grid Strategy and Development
Operations Technology (OT) is getting smarter all the time. A thoughtful approach will ensure that cities can leverage the benefits of IT-enhanced OT.

Wipro: How to keep workers productive in a BYOD world

2013-09-16 | Vinay Bhatia, Solution Architect, Wipro Technologies
Government workers bring their own devices to work, just like the rest of the world. Here are three ways Windows 8 keeps them productive.

Three reasons to make the leap from Windows XP

2013-04-15 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Is your agency still using Windows XP? Yikes! Here are three compelling reasons to move to a 21st-century operating system.

Top three challenges of moving to the cloud

2013-04-10 | Kellie Ann Chainier, Director of Office Regulatory and Policy Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector
Cloud computing has a huge upside for government agencies, but the transition isn't all sunshine and roses. Check out our strategies for managing three key concerns.

Where were you when Windows XP launched?

2013-04-01 | Marco Manuello, Windows and Device Strategy lead for Worldwide Public Sector
Launched in 2001, Windows XP is one of the most successful and beloved versions of our Windows operating system. But XP is officially retiring in 2014. In this post, we look at the world back in 2001, and explain why it’s time for a change.

Three factors driving cloud adoption in government

2013-03-25 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
The cloud is prevalent in government today, but that wasn’t always the case. Learn about three factors that have catalyzed the adoption of cloud in government, why they’re important, and what it means for the future.

The new Microsoft Office 365 in government

2013-03-06 | Kellie Ann Chainier, Director of Office Regulatory and Policy Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector
With the launch of the next generation of Office 365, governments will have new opportunities to increase mobility and flexibility, improve productivity, and protect their sensitive data. Learn more about these key benefits in today’s post.

Texas moves to the cloud with Microsoft

2013-02-15 | Michael Donlan, Vice President, U.S. State and Local Government Microsoft Corp.
As government organizations look to the cloud, they need to ensure that their cloud solutions meet rigorous standards to keep their sensitive data safe. Learn why the State of Texas partnered with Microsoft for its move to the cloud.

How Microsoft ensures privacy, security in the cloud

2012-12-19 | Kellie Ann Chainier, Director of Office Regulatory and Policy Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector
A cloud is only as good as its assurance of data security and privacy. Learn how your government organization can quickly identify how Microsoft’s cloud services stack up in these two critical areas.

Want to know how government is already using Windows 8?

2012-11-15 | Joe Macri, Vice President, EMEA Public Sector
With the recent launch of Windows 8 government early adopters are already making the move to the latest operating system from Microsoft, and they like what they see. Want to know about their experience with Windows 8 so far?

Why I’m excited about Windows 8 for government

2012-10-30 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
New operating system will enable flexible and mobile work styles, support a variety of government and employee-owned devices, and bring added security.

How to get the most value from the cloud, while ensuring data protection and compliance

2012-07-18 | Elias Ramos, Western Europe Government Director
Find out how Office 365 is helping meet rigorous industry standards.

Protecting citizens from cybercrime amid growing technology access

2012-06-21 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Find out how the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit is helping governments and international organizations investigate and stop cybercrime worldwide.

Data protection and security in a cloud based service?

2011-12-21 | Joel Cherkis, General Manager, Worldwide Government
Microsoft has been recognized for the enhanced security features of its cloud productivity service. Find out why.