It’s cyber security month. Is your backdoor locked?

2013-10-14 | John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
Cyber security is part technology and part personal initiative. Here are three actions you can take right now to make your agency cyber-secure.

6 things you must know about the national cloud

2013-09-02 | Dan Mannion, Director, Public Sector Cloud Strategy
National cloud is coming, if not for you then for a government next door. Here are six things to know about a global transformation that’s already underway.

Preparing tomorrow’s workforce for a changing economy

2012-09-26 | Andrew Hodges, Regional Director for Emerging Markets, Asia Public Sector
Learn how Australia is identifying skills shortages in their nation and planning today for the jobs of tomorrow.

Craig Thomler of Delib Australia on Gov 2.0, Open Gov & Social Media

2012-09-04 | Michele Bedford Thistle, Business Manager, Government, National Security, and International Organizations, Worldwide Public Sector
Read a Q+A with Craig Thomler of Delib Australia about the strategy and practice of Gov 2.0.