Desktop Modernization

Desktop Modernization

Invest in modernizing your technology to lower costs, increase security, and improve operational efficiency.

​Don’t leave yourself exposed to the security risks and support challenges that come with aging systems. With an optimized, greener desktop environment, you can deliver better uptime, improve security, lower management costs, and enable a better overall end-user experience. With a more streamlined organization you can deliver more services that make a real impact for the citizens and communities you serve.

Spend a little, save a lot

​By investing a little in Microsoft technologies, you can save a lot—with an estimated ROI of 438% over a three-year period with desktop optimization solutions.* Replacing legacy systems with newer versions helps mitigate costly security risks associated with older systems, and introduces back and front-end efficiencies that further control costs by employing the latest IT advancements for more efficient, greener computing and operations.

Increase protection for your data and assets

​Outdated systems pose greater security risks as cyber attacks become more sophisticated. To combat these growing security concerns, Microsoft provides trusted advice and new technology solutions for every phase of the security management lifecycle. From minimizing data theft to ensuring compliance and enabling a secure mobile workforce, our solutions help you stay current with the latest security advancements necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of your enterprise.

Create new operational efficiencies

​To accommodate various staff working styles and increasing staff mobility, organizations like yours are tasked with supporting more devices, media types, data sources, and bandwidths than ever before—all while ensuring security and manageability. With Office 2012, what’s good for your staff is also good for IT. You can enable access to data from multiple locations and devices while ensuring performance, security, compliance, and supreme interoperability with your existing line of business applications.

*IDC MDOP TCO Study, Expanding Business Benefit and Lowering Costs Through Desktop Optimization, 2011