Case Management Solution Accelerator

Improve productivity by automating court processes, monitoring and tracking case activities, supporting decisions through real-time data, and more.

State, local and federal justice organizations are routinely challenged with ever-increasing caseloads, constrained budgets, and managing the input from multiple stakeholders. One of the largest obstacles is the usage of legacy systems and tools. Many of these tools are not capable of tracking and disseminating information. They also lack the ability to provide business intelligence for case information. By understanding these challenges and key technology issues, the Microsoft Case Management Solution Accelerator (CMSA) provides an end-to-end integrated solution that helps improve productivity by automating court processes, monitoring and tracking case activities, increasing access to information, and supporting decision making through real-time data and analytics.

The CMSA is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of Justice Organizations of all sizes. For example, the CMSA supports both common and civil law models, and does so in multiple languages. The accelerator is powered by popular Microsoft technologies like Microsoft SharePoint, Word, and Outlook. If needed, it can be easily customized and enhanced with minimal effort to meet your business requirements.

Key features and functionalities
The CMSA provides an end-to-end case management workflow. You can create, track, schedule, assign, and modify cases as needed. This enables faster access to relevant data by providing convenient access to key information such as the status, progress, and due dates of cases.

Search and Reporting capabilities
Comprehensive search and reporting capabilities are included within the CMSA that can save precious time and effort by streamlining case search. For example, you can search and pull reports at an inter-departmental, intra-department and organizational levels. You can also track the history of case steps, actions and events. This enables legal teams to quickly identify a case from the past that might serve as a reference for a current case.

Time card management
Team members can track case hours, and the amount of time and effort invested across assigned cases. The CMSA provides real time status of progress at an organization level.

Enhanced workflow process
The processes and workflows of a case management system can vary from one justice organization to another. The CMSA is tailored to provide an integrated workflow that expedites existing processes by clearly defining stages, roles, and permissions.

Share and Collaborate
The justice system consists of a broad array of agencies and community partners, including judges, clerks, attorneys/prosecutors, probation officers, , jail and detention administrators, cases progress, justice organizations depend on many different agency officials for the information required to accurately and effectively process a case. The CMSA provides a highly structured yet dynamic collaborative platform that:

  • Allows the justice organization to maintain an updated central repository of all the cases and associate documents with classification and categorization
  • Fosters collaboration across team members by providing a platform for secure data sharing
  • Ensures secure collaboration with various agencies and stakeholder systems through role based access
  • Supports secure and concurrent access of information with no geographic constraints

Business Intelligence
The CMSA is powered with analytic tools and dashboards that allow multiple stakeholders to view, analyze, and make informed business decisions. Microsoft’s Case Management Solution Accelerator provides:

  • A way to dig deeper and identify hidden trends, issues and correlations across cases
  • Greater visibility into day-to-day operations of justice organizations, It also assists in identifying areas to improve efficiency
  • Distribution to a broad range of users through an ability to export reports to Microsoft Word and Excel

Legislative Compliance
The CMSA is in full compliance with the latest legislations and gives you greater control over your processes

Benefits of using Justice case management accelerator

  • Approximately 30% to 40% of the functionality is already built
  • Reduction in time to market
  • Centralized data and access to real time information from anywhere in the world
  • Improve operations with access to real time data
  • Compliance with current legislation
  • Scalable, flexible, and robust
  • Uses advanced data analytics and dashboards
  • Supports localization
  • Has pre-defined user security
  • Provides an established workflow with simple steps