Incident Management Solution Accelerator

Increase efficiency for incident management resolutions and tracking, plus gain insight into data.

The Microsoft Incident Management Solution Accelerator (IMSA) helps public sector organizations to identify, track, manage, and close incidents in a timely and cost-effective manner. Organizations can use this accelerator to get a jump start on deploying a solution to help prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents.  

This security-enhanced web-based solution comes with a great degree of configurability and information access control, making it ideal for multi-departmental organizations. It also adheres to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) policies and guidelines.
With IMSA, you can automate workflow—from the time an alarm is generated and a new incident gets reported to the time it is resolved and closed. And powerful business intelligence (BI) and analytics components provide custom trends and analysis capabilities to help with informed decision making.
Key features and capabilities of the IMSA include:
Resource management 
Obtain a full picture of the availability of resources across your organization and departments. Plus, get easy access to your resources when you need them.
Online and field Tools
The IMSA mobile component gives field force the ability to receive updates and new incidents. It also gives people in the field the ability to provide real-time updates on an incident to other staff. Mapping integration capabilities with incidents offers another way to increase productivity.
Automated workflows
Configurable and customizable business process automation helps you meet your specific business and incident management requirements. The system can be configured to work that is specific to your needs rather than retrofitting your business processes to meet the system’s workflows. With the IMSA you can automate:

  • Conversion of alarms to incidents
  • Conversion of incidents to tickets
  • Assignments of incidents and tickets to your field force
  • Other workflows
Trends analysis
One of the most important requirements in incident management and tracking is analyzing trends between connected data and identifying causal effects. This accelerator comes with built-in and customizable:

  • Dashboards
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Reporting
  • Trends and predictive analysis
The intuitive and innovative self-service BI components also help remove dependency on IT and other vendors in quickly getting to the critical data that you need.
Communications management
Create a common operating picture for an incident by integrating unified communications capabilities. Using technologies and tools such as Lync, the IMSA gives stakeholders across organizations the ability to collaborate and share information seamlessly—whether voice, video, pictures, email, or fax documents.
Information management and security 
Role-based authentication and authorization combined with organizational hierarchy helps ensure the safety of data that is shared between groups, especially when multiple organizations are involved in working on sensitive information.