Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator

This Solution Accelerator will give you a common operational picture for Command and Control, Disaster Response, and other safety and defense scenarios

Microsoft’s Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator (SASA) provides the situational awareness platform that enables a common operational picture (COP) for Command & Control, Disaster Response and other scenarios. The SASA provides seamless communications integration as part of the platform, including support for Radio-over-IP (ROIP) devices, powered through Microsoft’s Lync Unified Communications technology. The following are some key features supported by the solution accelerator.
·       Provide touch-enabled Common Operating Picture (COP) for everyone involved in a mission, whether it is for Emergency Response or Command & Control or Intelligence-led Policing scenarios
·       Capture and track movements of assets such as staff, convoys, or vehicles
·       Provides real-time communication support within an enterprise (using Lync) or with non-governmental organizations (using Skype)
·       Ability to push-to-talk for example with emergency workers in the field or with convoys, including ability to communicate with Radio-Over-IP (RoIP) devices
·       Ability to create geo-fences for both safe zones and unsafe zones
·       Create or dispatch alerts based on movements of assets entering or leaving geo-fences
·       Ability to upload & geo-tag images, documents & videos from the field to be made available within the COP
·       Ability to attach/track documents or assets for each participating asset within the COP
·       Empower Mobile Workforce with COP, thus taking traditional COP to the field; solution accelerator supports multiple devices including desktops, slates, 360 collaborative devices (such as Pixel Sense) or large Touch enabled devices such as the 82” Perceptive Pixel Devices
·       Collate disparate data into the COP including geo-spatial feeds, line-of-business (LOB) data, social-media, weather and other demographic information
Microsoft’s Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator is powered by the following Microsoft Technologies: Windows 8, Bing Maps, Lync, Skype, Perceptive Pixel, Surface, Pixel Sense (Samsung SUR40 devices) and SharePoint.
See the Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator deployed on a Pixel Sense device: