Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator

Get a common operational picture for command and control, disaster response, and other safety and defense scenarios.

The Microsoft Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator (SASA) provides the situational awareness platform that enables a common operational picture (COP) for command and control, disaster response, and other scenarios. The SASA provides seamless communications integration as part of the platform, including support for radio over IP (ROIP) devices, powered through Lync unified communications technology.

Key features and capabilities of the SASA include:

Common operating picture

Provide a touch-enabled COP for everyone involved in a mission, whether it is for emergency response, command and control, or intelligence-led policing scenarios. Additional COP features are:

·       The ability to upload and geo-tag images, documents, and videos from the field to be made available within the COP.
·       The ability to attach and track documents or assets for each participating asset within the COP.
·       Support of multiple devices—including desktops, tablet PCs, 360-degree interface collaborative devices (such as Microsoft PixelSense), and large touch-enabled devices (such as the 82” Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft)—to empower the mobile workforce with the COP.
·       The ability to collate disparate data into the COP, including geo-spatial feeds, line-of-business (LOB) data, social media, and weather and other demographic information.

Movement tracking

Capture and track movements of assets such as staff, convoys, or vehicles.

Communication enhancement

Provide real-time communication support within an enterprise (using Lync) or with non-governmental organizations (using Skype).
Get the ability to push-to-talk with emergency workers in the field or with convoys, including the ability to communicate with RoIP devices.

Geo-fence creation

Create geo-fences for both safe zones and unsafe zones, and create or dispatch alerts based on movements of assets entering or leaving geo-fence areas.
The Microsoft Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator is powered by the following Microsoft Technologies: Windows 8, Bing Maps, Lync, Skype, Perceptive Pixel, Surface, PixelSense (Samsung SUR40 devices) and SharePoint.
See the Situational Awareness Solution Accelerator deployed on a PixelSense device: