Military Logistics

Provide the right equipment in the right place at the right time to improve operational efficiency.

​Microsoft solutions help defense organizations manage highly specialized requirements for financial, procurement, logistics, and resource operations.

Provided by a global network of Microsoft partners experienced in defense transformation and military solutions, our technology can help you cost-effectively increase the efficiency of your operations. These solutions can also help you improve decision making and more securely share information within and across organizations.

Overcome operational logistical challenges

​Microsoft Dynamics business management software, supported by Microsoft commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, can help your organization overcome operational logistics challenges, while saving you time and money.

Use Microsoft Dynamics integrated, adaptable solutions to automate and streamline the following processes:

  • Financial
  • Records management
  • Logistics
  • Supply chain

Fulfill defense-specific requirements

Whether in times of peace or for states of defense, Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help you:

  • Fulfill defense-specific requirements, such as different organizational structures for peace and defense states.
  • Build an overview of military staff and their skills and potential gaps to plan, manage, and develop personnel in compliance with the given defense strategy.

Support day-to-day operations

Microsoft product-based logistics solutions help you achieve mission success by supporting day-to-day operations. Maximize the effectiveness of deployed organizations with the ability to:

  • Monitor budgets with robust business intelligence (BI).
  • Use reporting capabilities to increase the ratio of defense budgets allocated to the combat units.

Gain insight for efficiency

Military logistics solutions based on the Microsoft platform provide the ability to integrate and exchange data with different systems in an international and deployed environment. They use supply chain and distribution capabilities for total asset visibility, helping to reduce inventory, procurement, and warehousing costs, thereby allowing for a focused concentration of limited resources.

To learn more about Microsoft and partner solutions for military logistics, see the resources in the sidebar. Or, find a Microsoft Public Safety and National Security partner.