The Business Intelligence Roadshow
  An effective, integrated business intelligence solution can improve business performance by driving better decision making across your organization. Now more than ever, your business needs a quick means of getting the right information to the right people so that they can make smarter, more informed decisions.
Improving decision-making and creating better insight into the functioning of a complex organisation is a number one concern of executives. Business Intelligence is consistently rated at the top spot on many IT strategy surveys. Microsoft has built a broad, integrated, easy-to-use, and rich platform for delivering BI which has been updated with the best of data integration and transformation, warehousing, and multidimensional analysis. New for 2010 this platform introduces comprehensive Master Data Management, and it showcases an innovative and powerful self-service mechanism for data analysis called PowerPivot. While likely to appeal to most information workers, PowerPivot together with SharePoint can help administrators simplify the life cycle management of a quickly growing gallery of in-house analytical tools. Microsoft tools and technologies continue to work in the way that you like: Excel-style for the user, Visual Studio-like for a developer, SSMS for database experts, and MMC-like for IT professionals.

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