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Solutions by business need: Overview

Whatever your business needs, we provide integrated e-business solutions to help you, and the people who work for you, maximize efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics products and services make it easier for your team to do business with your customers, vendors, and partners.

Microsoft Dynamics applications address the following business needs:

  • Microsoft Dynamics for business intelligence and reporting
    A broad range of flexible, customizable reporting options-from advanced consolidation analysis to simple reporting requests-helps the decision-makers across your company transform data into valuable information.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for customer relationship management
    From the first contact to after-sales service, Web-enabled customer relationship management solutions help your sales, marketing, and field-service teams track customer activity, improve sales effectiveness, provide superior customer service, and build profitable customer relationships.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for collaborative workspaces
    Strengthen employee productivity, as well as relationships with partners and customers, by providing secure, Web-based access to appropriate data-including portal and e-commerce functionality.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for configuration and development
    Microsoft Dynamics can adapt to the processes your people already use, and comes with convenient development tools that allow for quick and easy customization.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for financial management
    Whatever your business size or industry,these superior financial, reporting, and business management applications provide the backbone for the rest of your business-critical applications.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for HR management
    From recruitment to retirement, manage your most valuable assets-your people-more effectively.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing
    Enabling your people to better manage resource planning, production, and every aspect of your manufacturing process helps ensure smooth production cycles and rapid response to changing customer needs-helping your business gain a competitive advantage.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for project management
    Projects can be more profitable with integrated applications that help your managers and front-line employees forecast costs and budgets with increased accuracy, track time and billing, and manage contracts effectively.

  • Microsoft solutions for retail point of sale
    Microsoft provides point-of-sale solutions that enable small and midsize retailers to be competitive in today's retail environment. Easy to use, affordable, and reliable, thousands of retail employees in dozens of verticals depend on Microsoft's point-of-sale applications to help them manage inventory, control cash, reduce costs and improve customer service.

  • Microsoft Dynamics for supply chain management
    When employees, suppliers, distributors, and customers are connected, it empowers them to reduce operational costs, improve their decision-making, and respond faster to customer needs.

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