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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study

Leading Kuwaiti Investment Group Runs Multiple Lines of Business on Integrated Business Solution

"Microsoft Dynamics GP really stood out at the top of the list when it came to meeting several requirements we had including ease-of-use, short implementation timeframe and high integration capabilities to support our growing business."

Ahmed Refaat, Assistant CEO, Al-Imtiaz Investment Company

Al-Imtiaz Investment Company is a leading Kuwaiti investment Company that was established in April 2005 with a capital of 36 Million Kuwaiti Dinars (around $135 Million US Dollars). The main aim of the firm is to cater to the growing investment demand in business sectors within the GCC markets according to Shari’a or Islamic compliant canons. Being a holding group, Al-Imtiaz has six sister companies and over 15 subsidiaries that operate across industries such as Finance and Banking; Real Estate and Construction and Manufacturing and Services.

With so many different companies, comes disparate business functions and challanges of integration. Al-Imtiaz wanted a new solution to support business expansion and consolidate disparate financial data. Working with Microsoft and Crux Information Technology, Al-Imtiaz implemented Dynamics GP into its existing Microsoft based platform. This has led to better management of internal processes, greater controls and improved efficiencies across its business operations.


Al-Imtiaz was going through a rapid phase of growth with several new organizations coming under its umbrella. As a result, Al-Imtiaz’s technology infrastructure needed to integrate a large number of disparate functions, departments and data. Al-Imtiaz wanted to upgrade its existing infrastructure to develop a platform that would support new technologies and the future business requirements. At its inception stage, Al-Imtiaz chose to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to support future growth and consolidate their business operations. In the evaluation phase, Al-Imtiaz compared offerings from Microsoft, Sage and Oracle and chose to go with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains GP ( formerly Microsoft Great Plains). Other systems either proved far too costly and difficult to implement and maintain, or lacked the key financial management functionality that the company was seeking.

In addition, Al-Imtiaz wanted a way to increase its capacity for handling large numbers of transactions while simultaneously improving the accuracy of its accounting functions. Because business forecasting was an important task, the company sought a comprehensive accounting system that could streamline operations at the individual offices while providing enhanced consolidation, in-depth financial analysis and reporting and improved internal control capabilities at the corporate level.
Commenting on the situation prior to the implementation, Al Hussein Mansour, COO, Crux Information Technology, says, "Al-Imtiaz is a company with over 15 subsidiaries and affiliates in almost every country. Hence, it was a challenge to customize and consolidate their financial systems to fit current and future growth plans within a fixed timeframe. With its ambitious growth goals in mind, Al-Imtiaz set out to streamline its processes with a feature-rich business management solution."


In October 2005, Al-Imtiaz together with Microsoft Certified Partner Crux Information Technology deployed Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, a business management solution that offers a cost-effective way for managing and integrating an organization’s key operations. "The business atmosphere at Al-Imtiaz was changing drastically, and we were preparing to go through a significant period of expansion. As such, it was vital that we implement a business management system that would support both our rapid growth and new financial reporting requirements. In addition, we needed a solution that would improve our forecasting capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics GP really stood out at the top of the list when it came to meeting several requirements we had including ease-of-use, short implementation timeframe and high integration capabilities to support our growing business," said Ahmed Refaat, Assistant CEO, Al-Imtiaz Investment.

The company's complex business model required a considerable degree of agility. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, Al-Imtiaz integrated and automated critical business processes and reduced operational costs. One of the company’s chief priorities was to implement a new project accounting solution that would help strengthen internal financial reporting and controls. The extensive capabilities present in Microsoft Dynamics GP aggregates the holding group’s internal financial information and organize it according to standard accounting rules and regulations. The module’s intuitive organization and filtering features facilitate easy access to data. With the Accounts Receivable Functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Al-Imtiaz can track all its investment transactions throughout its network, ensuring the highest levels of accounting accuracy and control.

Crux also helped enhance the solution by integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP with ‘Track’, a specialized leasing and finance software tool that enables one of the company’s Islamic banking subsidiaries to be Shari'a compliant. "The implementation process went very smoothly for us. In a short period of time, we were able to increase efficiency across the entire operation," explains Mansour.


By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, Al-Imtiaz has streamlined business operations; integrated departments and automated financial and accounting processes thereby positioning itself for stronger growth.

Extensive Scalability to Accommodate Growth
The ability to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP is critical to Al-Imtiaz’s business strategy. The solution was customized to suit the way Al-Imtiaz does business and to support the company’s rapid growth with the acquisition of new companies. Al-Imtiaz has taken advantage of the strong integration capability and extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics GP to automate many of its cross-business functions.

Comprehensive Reports Produced in Minutes
Microsoft Dynamics GP has allowed Al-Imtiaz to quickly get needed information without spending management time sorting through data. Accurate and comprehensive online reporting has been a key to the organization’s success, both in managing day-to-day operations and in providing the long-term financial data needed to convince lenders to support the company’s growth-by-acquisition strategy.

Automation Speeds up Financial Processes
The extensive feature-set present in Microsoft Dynamics GP increases the functionality and automation available to Al-Imtiaz’s financial team, freeing them from error-prone, time-consuming administrative work to focus on strategic tasks and objectives and enjoy streamlined accounting and financial processes. "End-to-end, Microsoft Dynamics GP runs without a glitch. The accounting system allows my team instant access to business-critical information and then provides the means to analyze and benefit from that data, everyone at the company is very satisfied with the implementation." Refaat describes enthusiastically.

Empowers Management and Employees
With Microsoft Dynamics GP, employees gain immediate access to information and better control of human and financial resources in their departments. In a very short period, the employees at Al-Imtiaz, who all come from non-technical backgrounds, have become proficient in using a business management system and have deep access to relevant information to respond more quickly to the company’s needs.

Future Plans
The rich functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP supports future growth at Al-Imtiaz as they add new companies to their portfolio. The company is also in the process of rolling out the Enterprise Portal to enable employees with remote access to information. “Dynamics GP supported us through our accelerated growth period without requiring us to make any major system changes. This really speaks to the flexibility and scalability of the solution,” adds Refaat.

About Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics works like familiar Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office, which means less of a learning curve for your people, so they can get up and running quickly and focus on what’s most important. And because it is from Microsoft, it easily works with the systems your company already has implemented. By automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes, Microsoft Dynamics brings together people, processes and technologies, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your business and helping you drive business success.

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Country/Region: Kuwait, GCC region

Industry: Investment Company

Customer Profile
Al-Imtiaz Investment Company is a leading Kuwaiti Investment Company that was established in April 2005 with a capital of 36 Million Kuwaiti Dinars ( around $315 Million US Dollars)


Business Situation
To streamline operations, the organization sought a user-friendly solution with rich integration capabilities and facilitates better management of financial reporting systems.

With the help of Crux Technologies, Al-Imtiaz deployed Microsoft Dynamics GP in just five months. The business management solution has automated and optimized operations.


  • Scalability to support growth
  • Speedy and automated processes
  • Financial business management

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