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Delivering high-quality care may be the number one priority for healthcare providers, but finding ways to reduce costs has become the number one imperative. The key lies in finding ways to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiency, increase productivity, and improve decision-making.

Expanding the use of information technology (IT) is a smart way to reduce costs and improve access to patient and organizational information. A powerful computing infrastructure helps makes it easier to share the patient information necessary for clinical decisions and access the financial data required to drive business decisions. Equally important, today's technologies enable physicians, nurses, and administrators to work together as a single integrated team.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions are helping healthcare organizations around the globe improve financial and business processes and deliver more cost-effective healthcare. Watch videos to learn how healthcare organizations could use Dynamics solutions.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for healthcare management
The Microsoft Dynamics technology platform can enable your organization to assemble a complete, integrated set of leading-edge business applications that can be deployed quickly and inexpensively. By using Microsoft Dynamics solutions, your organization can:

  • Improve financials and streamline human resources management. Manage financial processes, drill down into summary information, and track non-financial statistical data with ease. Shorten the budget cycle and generate accurate financial forecasts by using powerful budgeting and forecasting tools. Track and analyze vendor information, efficiently process payables, and make the most of vendor discounts while maximizing cash flow.

    You can also simplify human resources tasks with tools that are designed to give you greater control and security in managing sensitive payroll information and reducing administrative costs. Attract and retain talented employees by tracking applicant and employee data.

  • Implement collaborative healthcare. The Microsoft Collaborative Health initiative is helping healthcare organizations address industry challenges by using new technology as a powerful catalyst both to reduce costs and inefficiencies and improve the quality and affordability of healthcare. Built on familiar technology, collaborative health solutions are replacing manual, paper-based transactions with automated processes that streamline information entry and help provide you with seamless access to information from any location.

  • Manage materials and comply with regulations. Manage an entire supply chain with distributed requisitions management and approval, control over purchasing and vendor management, and comprehensive inventory tracking and control. Ensure that supplies are on hand by using tools for expiration dates, serial and lot management, and multi-bin and multi-location items. Address regulatory compliance initiatives with a framework for storing, categorizing, and searching compliance documents, tracking document modifications, and ensuring that managers have the necessary data and materials to maintain compliance. Together with solutions from industry partners, Microsoft Dynamics addresses a broad range of regulatory requirements and helps provide the tools for implementing intelligent Health Level Seven (HL7) messaging for international standards.

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Customer success stories

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Microsoft Dynamics products

The following product can be used to help build a solution in healthcare:

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Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics solutions
Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics business software solutions can help you solve your business needs in the healthcare industry.

  • Contact us to request more information or to speak with a Microsoft representative.

  • Use Microsoft Solution Finder to search for solutions developed by Microsoft Certified Partners to meet the unique needs of your business or industry.

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