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The fast pace and global reach of the high-tech industry demands continual innovation, speed, and agility. High-tech manufacturers face tough challenges: Shorter product life cycles, unpredictable demand, and price erosion caused by fierce worldwide competition.

To resolve these problems, you need to optimize your supply chain, enable complete real-time visibility with customers, partners, and suppliers, and implement lean manufacturing processes. You also need to differentiate products with quality service and short lead times for your customers.

A robust, flexible IT infrastructure can help you resolve these issues. And Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help you improve innovation and time-to-market. Microsoft Dynamics delivers powerful manufacturing, financial, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. These solutions support lean business processes, help you manage outsourcing and the supply chain, and improve customer service.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for high-tech manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics solutions support:

  • Supply chain management and visibility
  • Collaborative design and production planning
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Outsourced manufacturing management
  • Industry and customer specific reporting
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Enterprise portal technology
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • RosettaNet integration
  • Fabless semiconductor manufacturing
  • Field service management
  • Linking customer requirements directly to manufacturing, suppliers, and distribution operations
By implementing a Microsoft Dynamics solution, you can:
  • Manage the supply chain. Work in close coordination with and track and manage your global suppliers and customers. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can give you: Insight into the demand signals of your customers, transparency of product and manufacturing data, and visibility outside your internal operations—all so you can make fast and accurate decisions. Real-time collaboration with suppliers can also help you speed time-to-market and increase the number of innovations in new products.

  • Cut costs and time-to-market. Link your accounting, manufacturing, shipping, and CRM tasks to develop more efficient proposals, to monitor the supply, shipping, and delivery of products, and to reduce wasteful practices. You can expedite time-to-market for new products and upgrades by integrating engineering bills of materials with internal applications. An integrated IT system can also help you identify components and subassemblies already in-house that can be used in new product designs.

  • Increase visibility. Collaborate on products, processes, and production by using manufacturing and supply chain systems that take advantage of security-enhanced, Web-based products and technologies. You can reduce the time it takes to get a concept from engineering to manufacturing. Do this by speeding development with collaboration tools and integrating design with manufacturing systems. A flexible, integrated IT infrastructure enables you to gather customer information, and then integrate it into decisions between design, procurement, manufacturing, suppliers, and customers.

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Microsoft Dynamics products
The following products can be used to help build solutions in high-tech manufacturing:

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Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics solutions
Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics business software solutions can help you solve your business needs in the high-tech manufacturing industry.

  • Contact us to request more information or to speak with a Microsoft representative.

  • Find manufacturing solutions developed by Microsoft Certified Partners to meet the unique needs of your business or industry.

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