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Industrial equipment manufacturers make some of the most complex products in the world under some of the most competitive market conditions. Your customers require specialized products, have demanding schedules and designs, and can go elsewhere if you cannot meet their needs.

To succeed in this market, you have to anticipate and meet different customer needs while reducing the impact on your overall processes. You need to: Adapt to alternative manufacturing approaches, drive down costs, shorten the time from quote to cash, have visibility into your supplier's operations and your customer's needs, and deliver after-sales service.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer integrated applications that deliver powerful technologies for industrial equipment manufacturers. These solutions enable you to support multiple modes of manufacturing as well as your service department requirements. They support lean business processes and can boost customer satisfaction. And Microsoft Dynamics solutions can enable your organization to assemble a complete, integrated set of leading-edge business applications.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics integrated applications can be deployed quickly and inexpensively without complicated customizations and drawn-out implementation projects. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help your company:

  • Enhance collaboration. Enable your people to collaborate globally with customers and suppliers to meet shortening lead times. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help to provide more transparency in design and production status between engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. And design changes can be closely coordinated with production schedules, resulting in lower cost machines and more timely response to customer needs.

  • Fine-tune processes. Integrate your supply chain management, manufacturing, engineering, inventory, and financials functions to help improve processes and address more than just product or component manufacturing. For example, project management and planning tools can help you accurately predict the cost of the project phase by comparing actual costs with budgets throughout the different phases. Integrated IT systems can help you evaluate critical path and wasted time so you can identify and fix problem areas.

  • Communicate more effectively. Create the transparency you need for a smarter exchange of ideas and project status between engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. With Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can easily and quickly respond to new challenges by having the tools (such as material costs and ECO and customer requests) to communicate business critical issues. Enterprise collaboration capabilities can help you work more efficiently with global suppliers on new designs, and they make effective use of your engineering resources.

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Microsoft Dynamics products
The following products can be used to help build solutions in industrial equipment manufacturing:

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Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics solutions
Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics business software solutions can help you solve your business needs in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry.

  • Contact us to request more information or to speak with a Microsoft representative.

  • Find manufacturing solutions developed by Microsoft Certified Partners to meet the unique needs of your business or industry.

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