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The consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturing business is a thriving, global industry. It serves customers ranging from small shops and convenience stores to mega-store chains and warehouse clubs that increasingly dominate the market. Margins are slim and competition is fierce. And there are hundreds of product categories.

To thrive in this industry, it's imperative that you have a well integrated business solution that can help you respond to your customers, anticipate consumer trends, and retain tight controls over operations.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer integrated applications that deliver powerful technologies for CPG manufacturers. These integrated applications can help you succeed by speeding products from time of concept to the store shelf, by removing waste from operations, and by meeting the demands of your retail customers and consumers.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for CPG manufacturers

The Microsoft Dynamics technology platform can enable your organization to assemble a complete, integrated set of leading-edge business applications. Microsoft Dynamics solutions support:

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) production
  • Supply chain transparency and collaboration
  • Integrated bar code and RFID systems
  • Cross-company collaborative product development
  • Detailed reports to suppliers with data from customer forecasts
  • A single view of multiple facilities and departments
  • Industry and customer specific reports to identify and prioritize potential areas of cost savings

With the Microsoft Dynamics platform, you can:

  • Meet retailer demands. Respond quickly to real-time demand signals from your customers and integrate effectively with your global suppliers. Do this by building solutions that support a Demand Driven Supply Network (DDSN). You can meet large retailer demands and enhance the efficiency of your supply chain by integrating RFID and other technologies with your internal systems. And because Microsoft Dynamics solutions integrate with your manufacturing and financial applications, they can help you more closely monitor the flow of products to your customers. And this helps to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Respond to consumer trends. Predict what is going to sell and be prepared to deliver it. Do this by using integrated solutions that help you see deep into data. These systems can help you gather the information necessary to get approvals quickly as well as establish the required database for bills of materials, quality controls, and other aspects of the new product. The Microsoft Dynamics integrated solution can help you evaluate, redesign, and improve existing products with less time and expense than the first time.

  • Improve internal operations. Use planning, forecasting, analytics, and other software tools to identify and quickly respond to your key performance indicators in manufacturing, sales, and promotions. New integrated technologies (for example, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution) can help you start operations more quickly and collaborate more effectively with partners and suppliers. You can also enhance communications within departments to help reduce lost messages and miscommunications that often contribute to lost profitability.

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Microsoft Dynamics products
The following product can be used to help build a solution in consumer packaged goods manufacturing:

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Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics solutions
Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics business software solutions can help you solve your business needs in the consumer packaged goods industry.

  • Contact us to request more information or to speak with a Microsoft representative.

  • Find manufacturing solutions developed by Microsoft Certified Partners to meet the unique needs of your business or industry.

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