Try Out Your ArcTouch Mouse!
Turn it on
Bend until it clicks to turn it on. A green light flashes to show that your battery works, and then turns off to save battery life.

Flatten to turn the mouse off.
Find out more about middle-click

Unlike left-click and right-click, there is no standard for what the middle mouse button does. In some programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, a single middle-click turns on Auto Scroll, letting you move your mouse to scroll without moving your finger. Another middle-click turns off Auto Scroll. In many applications, middle-clicking does nothing.

Tip: You can use the IntelliPoint Mouse software to reassign the middle button to another action. You can also assign the middle button to “disabled” if you don’t want to use it.

Find out more about middle-click and hold

Some programs start to Auto Scroll when you middle-click and hold, and then turn off Auto Scroll when you release the middle button. Some graphics programs pan and grab when you middle-click and hold.