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Microsoft Featured Technology Partners – InstaLoad Battery Installation Technology

Looking for a technology partner of Microsoft’s InstaLoad Battery Installation Technology?

The following companies are featured InstaLoad Technology Partners who are working with Microsoft to integrate the InstaLoad Battery installation technology within their respective products. Refer back to this site often for updates on new Technology partners and/or announcements on Technology Partner products.

Company Background

AbleNet is an international company and industry leader in providing educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives. This includes a complete line of communication aids for nonverbal individuals; access aids, such as switches and wheelchair mounting devices for people who require physical supports; environment control systems for homes and hospitals; computer access solutions; and special education classroom curriculum and software that both enhance and help ensure learning progress. The products are represented in more than 60 countries and used in hundreds of thousands of classrooms in the United States and across the globe. AbleNet is an ESOP company located in Roseville, Minnesota.

“AbleNet is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities using technology solutions that give more independence and control. We do that through constantly working to innovate and use emerging technology for developing new products and enhancing our current products. We are excited that our engineering team is analysing the InstaLoad Technology by Microsoft. We hope to be able to introduce the simple battery installation feature within our products in order to deliver a better end user experience for our valued customers.”

Jennifer Thalhuber, CEO of AbleNet, Inc.

Company Background

ATC EnergyTech Corporation Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of energy supply products in China. With over 60 years of experience, dedicated to “Power Up Your Life”, ATC offers a wide range of products to end users worldwide (i.e. batteries, battery chargers, adaptors and portable power). ATC’s world-class production plant is accredited with ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 certifications and is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology machinery. All of ATC’s power supply products have received safety certificates and meet international standards. Our constant pursuit of excellence allows us to be one of the best providers on ODM, OEM and OBM projects.

“Instaload battery contacts work with industry standard batteries, including our ATC line of batteries. ATC EnergyTech is impressed with the simplicity of the Instaload solution, and we plan to incorporate the feature into our power-supply products: such as our multi-functional batteries and USB chargers.”

Lai Wai Sing, Wilson, Director of ATC EnergyTech Corporation Ltd.

Company Background

ClearSounds® Communications is the leading manufacturer of technologically advanced assisted listening devices (ALDs) in North America, specialising in telecommunication products for the special needs of the golden senior market. Over 34 million Americans today experience some degree of hearing loss. This number is expected to rise in the next decade, faster than the overall population. So this special group of people is a growing and vital market force. We design and engineer our products to meet the specific needs of this dynamic market with premium quality, innovation and style. ClearSounds® helps people hear better every day! From mild to severe hearing loss, our better hearing solutions offer individuals a gateway to a world free from personal communication barriers.

“As a leading manufacturer of communication technology for people with hearing & vision loss, simplicity is a key component to the usability of our products. We are pleased to partner with Microsoft to offer the InstaLoad Technology in ClearSounds Communications planned accessibility products. This seemingly simple technology will dramatically improve the experience for our customers.”

Michele Ahlman, President, ClearSounds Communications

Company Background

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) is seemingly a global supplier of electronic components to a broad range of industries, but deeper down it is much more. Started in 1980 by three industry executives, MPD is now being led into an era of fresh growth under a new president with over 30 years of experience in electronics. Their components are manufactured to rigorous standards in factories located around the world, which meet not just their quality requirements, but social ones as well. MPD firmly believes that fair trade includes having a positive and meaningful impact on the working and living conditions of the many workers involved in manufacturing their products around the world. They also believe that it is important to support innovation, and do so through supplying free part samples to students and inventors around the world. Furthermore, MPD works on product design with clients, helping to turn their ideas into real, working products. So now one can see that MPD is more than just an electronics component supplier, but rather a part of the community they serve.

“Memory Protection Devices (MPD) is pleased to partner with Microsoft on the rollout of their new InstaLoad technology. We intend to manufacture Microsoft’s InstaLoad battery holders and contacts, and market them via our websites ( and We will ensure that these innovative components are available to developers of battery powered products on a global scale.”

Tom Blaha, President, Memory Protection Devices, Inc.

Company Background

Serene Innovations is an innovative company specialising in two segments of consumer electronics, namely small kitchen appliances and assistive telecom products for senior citizens. Serene Innovations develops, manufacture and markets a full line of VacuFresh vacuum food storage systems and accessories, a complete line of vacuum marinators, as well as a line of food purifiers.

Serene may be a relatively new brand in the assistive product industry, but its founders have been in the speciality telecom industry for over 30 years. They are well known for their innovations, passion and dedication in serving people with hearing loss and other special needs; their award-winning products and design were so widely used that they were regarded as the standards of the industry for decades.

We follow a simple yet powerful business philosophy. That is, we strive to understand the true needs of the consumers, and then apply the latest technologies to develop superior quality products that are practical and easy to use to meet such needs. And, we offer our products at reasonable prices for maximum value coupled with the best possible service.

“Serene Innovations is an innovative company specialised in the development of assistive telecom products for senior citizens. We are pleased to be working with Microsoft to incorporate their latest InstaLoad Technology into our next generation telecom products, making battery installation in our products easier than ever before. In particular, customers who have some forms of dexterity and/or vision limitations will find this technology transforming. They will find that battery installation in our new products is always correct first time and every time.”

Peter Lee, Vice President, Technologies