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About Keyboard Ergonomics

Find out how ergonomics can lead to healthier and happier computing.

Ergonomics in the office isn’t just about neck, arm and back health. Edie Adams, Certified Professional Ergonomist, believes the science of ergonomics means making all tasks at the computer more fun and more relaxed as well as more efficient, no matter where you are.

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Endorsed by ergonomics professionals

Trust in the comfort and reliability of ergonomic keyboards that have been popular since 1994. The team of ergonomists and usability experts at Microsoft has continually made advancements in making the computing experience more comfortable, more intuitive, and more helpful.

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Comfort in a keyboard

Work in comfort and avoid aches and pains from improper wrist and arm alignment by choosing an ergonomic keyboard designed by Microsoft.

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Curved relief

Make it a priority to use an ergonomic keyboard at home, not just at work. With the proper keyboard, you can make your time on the computer more comfortable and more enjoyable. The curved shape of Microsoft ergonomic keyboards promote a more natural hand, wrist, and forearm posture.

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