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How do I manage wireless connections through software or hardware settings?

If you have a Microsoft Bluetooth® transceiver, you can choose whether the wireless connection is managed by the software or by the hardware.

To manage wireless connection through software or hardware settings

  1. Using the device that you want to configure, start IntelliType.
  2. Select the Wireless tab.
  3. Under Bluetooth, click Advanced.

Bluetooth mode

When to use this mode

Software-managed Bluetooth mode

Use this mode when you share a device between multiple computers.

The software is configured automatically each time you start the computer. You can move your device and the Microsoft transceiver to another computer without installing the software or reconfiguring the device.

Hardware-managed Bluetooth mode

Use this mode when you use your mouse with one computer.

Your transceiver behaves like a standard Bluetooth radio when you start your computer and results in no delay.