How-to: Mice

How do I use my Sidewinder X8 Mouse?


Your Sidewinder X8 Mouse includes the following features:

  • DPI On-the-fly buttons you can use to instantly switch between 3 customizable sensitivity settings.
  • A Quick Launch button to quickly open apps.
  • Reassignable top and bottom thumb buttons for crucial game moves.
  • A Wheel Button you can use for four-way scrolling. Reassignable click and tilt for critical in-game actions.
  • A mouse LCD that shows macro record prompts, Quick Turn calibration, and mouse DPI settings.
  • A selection of feet you can choose from that works best on your mousing surface.
  • A charging cable that you can attach to charge the mouse. When the amber light blinks, recharge the mouse about 5 minutes for each hour of use. You can use the mouse while charging.

Mouse sensitivity (DPI) settings

You can use the DPI On-the-fly buttons to change the DPI to instantly adjust pointer speed for precision tasks, such as in-game targeting or photo editing. Higher settings will move your pointer faster, lower settings will move your pointer slower. For the best overall mouse performance, set the mouse on a high DPI setting and then lower the pointer speed.

  • Press one of the DPI On-the-fly buttons.
    The mouse LCD will briefly display the new DPI setting. Higher DPI settings move your pointer faster; lower DPI settings move your pointer slower.

DPI On-the-fly buttons cannot be reassigned.

Create a Macro

Use the Macro Record button during a game to bind a series of actions to the click of a button. For example, record a macro to reload all your weapons, and then assign the macro to a mouse button. To assist you in recording a macro, prompts are displayed on the mouse LCD.

For details on working with macros, see How do I create macros?

Use Quick Turn

With Quick Turn, you can play games like a pro. In action games, use Quick Turn to spin your character to fire or move in the opposite direction.

For instructions on calibrating Quick Turn and assigning it to a mouse button, see How do I calibrate Quick Turn with my gaming mouse?

Reassign mouse buttons

IntelliPoint software provides default commands for all of the mouse buttons. You can reassign some buttons to different commands or keyboard shortcuts to better fit your work style. You can also disable buttons you might press accidentally, such as the wheel button. For more information, see How do I reassign mouse buttons?