The Great British Type Off

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Microsoft brings you 'The Great British Type Off'

We're on the road! For the next four weeks our Campervan will be travelling around the UK to discover the nation's typing habits.

We'll be giving away freebies and other goodies, so look out for our camper van and be part of 'The Great British Type-Off!'

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Learn about the nation's typing habits

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Typing tip #1

The correct posture will allow you to optimize on your performance. Top athletes need to practise their technique to achieve success, it is no different for a typist. Sitting slumped over the keyboard will not enhance your typing, it will restrict movement through the shoulders and elbows

Typing tip #2

Practise little but often. If time is not an issue, consolidating your new typing technique on a daily basis will help embed your new skill, build on your confidence and strengthen your posture

Typing tip #3

Set yourself realistic goals for improving your typing over a period of time - the old adage of practice makes perfect is true and with typing becoming ever more a part of our daily lives, you're bound to get better over time.

Typing tip #4

It's important that you choose the device that best suits your typing style and ability - if you feel more comfortable using a keyboard with wrist supports, do so. If you like typing on a screen that's fine too. But remember there are a wide range of keyboards available so there's something for everyone.