How-to: Webcams

How do I create video and audio content?

You can use your LifeCam to capture digital video and audio recordings and digital photos.

To create digital recordings and photos

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, click Microsoft LifeCam, and then click Microsoft LifeCam.
  2. To create a video recording, click the Start video capture button.
    To create an audio recording, click the Start audio capture button.
    To take a photo, click the Capture a photo button.
  3. To stop recording, click the Stop button.


If your video is slow or choppy, stop the video capture, change the LifeCam resolution to a lower video resolution, and then restart the video capture. (To reset the resolution in the LifeCam software, on the Settings tab, select a lower resolution.)

  • If the Start video capture, Start audio capture, or Capture a photo button is unavailable, select a lower resolution.
  • All photos, video, and audio recordings that you capture during a LifeCam session are displayed as thumbnails in the multi-clip tray near the bottom of the LifeCam window. You can click a thumbnail to view it in your default viewer.
  • Save the recorded content you want to keep. When you close your webcam session, unsaved content is not automatically saved or retained in the multi-clip tray.
  • Photos, video, and audio recordings that you capture with a LifeCam webcam are stored in the Users/<username>/Pictures/LifeCam Files folder, where<username> is the name that you use to log on to your computer. (To open this folder from the LifeCam software, click the Open LifeCam Files button.)

E-mailing digital recordings and photos

You can send captured content as an attachment to an e-mail message.

To e-mail the last captured recording or photo

  1. In the multi-clip tray, point to the thumbnail, and then click the Send in e-mail button.

    Your default e-mail program opens an e-mail message with the last captured clip or photo included as an attachment.

  2. Enter an e-mail address and send the message.

To e-mail a previously captured and saved recording or photo

  1. Click the Open LifeCam Files button.
  2. Browse through the list of recorded clips and photos. Select the items that you want to send in e-mail.
  3. Right-click the selected items, point to Send to... , and then click Mail Recipient .

    Your default e-mail program opens an e-mail message, with the selected items included as an attachment.

  4. Enter an e-mail address and send the message.