Microsoft IP Licensing: Technology Overview

Microsoft IP Licensing

The following Microsoft technologies are available to help other companies expand their customer offerings:

Automatic Video Flicker Detection

NEW – Automatic Video Flicker Detection (VFD) is an innovative technology currently being delivered in Microsoft’s latest High Definition 1080P Webcam called the LifeCam Studio

The image processing-based solution detects video flicker caused by variances in AC power generally either 50Hz or 60Hz around the world by calculating colour accumulation block change over frames. Cameras may exhibit an alternating light intensity across rows in the image and result in flickering. Fluorescent light is one of common sources contributing to flicker in cameras. Flicker can cause significant degradation in video quality in webcams and other digital camera devices. The VFD solution requires very minimal computation and memory resources and makes it very efficient for firmware implementation as used in Microsoft’s LifeCam Webcam.

Automatic Video Flicker Detection

NEW – Keyboard Anti-Ghosting – For simple membrane-based computer keyboards, there are thousands of three key combinations that do not report correctly. Although this is somewhat less than 5% of all 3-key combinations, it is a significant annoyance for both gamers and fast typists. This is a fundamental limitation of standard membrane keyboard designs. In the industry, this problem is generally called “ghosting” and attempts to alleviate the problem are referred to as “anti-ghosting”. Microsoft has developed a resistive multitouch technology that allows a membrane keyboard to see and accurately report very large numbers of arbitrary keys pressed simultaneously. This technology is showcased in the Microsoft SideWinder X4 gaming keyboard. Unlike traditional solutions which require a large printed circuit board and a diode per key, Microsoft’s technology uses a slightly modified membrane and a special, inexpensive readout circuit. Using this technology, true anti-ghosting is practical for even the least expensive, mass-market keyboards. Keyboard Anti-Ghosting technology is now available for licensing by keyboard manufacturers for both standalone keyboards and laptop keyboards.

InstaLoad by Microsoft

NEW - InstaLoad Battery Contact Technology is a patented Microsoft technology that has broad applicability across all types of battery operated devices. The technology enables batteries to be inserted into a device without regard to + or – polarity.

Microsoft Magnetic Recharging Cable Technology

Magnetic Recharging Cable Microsoft’s innovative recharging cable featuring patented magnetic connector technology found in the popular Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse is now available for licence by third-party electronics manufacturers.

Microsoft Tilt Wheel Technology

The Tilt Wheel is an innovative hardware component of mouse and keyboard offerings that allows users to tilt the scroll wheel from side to side and up and down to easily manoeuvre the cursor horizontally or vertically.

Microsoft Tilt Wheel Technology

U2 technology enables a computer peripheral device (such as a mouse or keyboard) to be connected to a computer using either a PS2 or USB auto-sensing interface (U+P). Ideal for use with newer or older computers.

Microsoft Tilt Wheel Technology

BlueTrack Technology We are pleased to inform our licensees that Microsoft has entered into an arrangement with Avago Technologies. Please direct future enquiries regarding licensing BlueTrack Technology and related products directly to Avago Technologies, exclusive provider of BlueTrack Technology. Please contact

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Arc Mouse The revolutionary design of the Arc Mouse combines the comfort of a desktop mouse and the portability of a notebook mouse. Arc Mouse folds to 60% of its fully expanded size when you’re on the go. Two colour options to match your personal style.

Microsoft Image Manipulating Video Conferencing Technology

Image Manipulating Video Conferencing The invention automatically pans, tilts and zooms to keep a speaker centred in an image. The invention also discloses image manipulation techniques used to provide the appearance of eye contact. Both these inventions improve the teleconferencing experience.

Microsoft Instant Viewer Technology

Instant Viewer Too many open items on your desktop? Click the scroll wheel or programmable button to instantly display your open windows, then point and click to select. When you've got a stack of open windows, hunting for specific pages through the taskbar slows you down. Instant Viewer lets you find what you're looking for with a single click of your mouse. One tap instantaneously displays your desktop screen underneath small versions of all your open windows. Click directly on the item you want to open it to full size. It's that simple — and you're right back to work.

Microsoft Magnifier

The Magnifier is a viewing and editing tool used with input devices such as a mouse. Fully compatible with Windows Vista®, it delivers functionality equivalent to holding a magnifying glass up to a computer screen. Typical applications include editing of digital photos as well as viewing and magnifying within spreadsheets, Word documents and Web pages.