Mice that work – and work wonders

Make everyday tasks more fluid and intuitive

Microsoft’s innovative new touch mice – Touch Mouse, Explorer Touch Mouse and Arc Touch Mouse – offer a more natural way to navigate your PC. Now you can speed through long documents and web pages, move horizontally in spreadsheets, and much more – using simple finger movements instead of clicks. Whether you have a touch screen enabled PC or not -- you can enjoy a touch experience with the comfort and precision of a mouse.

How much touch you get depends on which mouse you choose. Regardless, we think that once you try Touch, you may never go back to a “regular” mouse again.


Touch Mouse: Full Touch technology via finger gestures

Sleek and bold, Touch Mouse features a large touch-sensitive surface that responds to one-, two- and three-fingered movements that today are optimised for window management: docking, moving, minimising and maximising, going backwards and forwards on your web page, swinging between tasks and so on. Touch Mouse is easy to learn and fun to use, but you can still point and click as you would with your old mouse while getting comfortable with the Touch gestures.

Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8? Your Touch Mice go with you!

Once Windows 8 is available in stockists, you’ll get the choice of a whole new set of gestures optimised for Windows 8 navigation. You can download Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center to experience these new gestures, or continue to enjoy the current Windows 7 gestures. Plus, since Windows 8 utilises vertical and horizontal scrolling, Touch Mouse will provide a smooth and effortlessly natural horizontal scrolling experience.


Wedge Touch Mouse: Small, stylish, and perfect for Windows 8

Wedge Touch Mouse looks and feels like no other device. Small enough to fit in your pocket, its compact frame is the perfect companion for your laptop or Windows 8 tablet when you’re on the go. The artful, minimalist design gives you fluid, four-way touch scrolling. Plus Bluetooth technology means you can use it anywhere without the clutter of cables, wires, or transceivers. Even better, Wedge Touch Mouse goes into “Backpack Mode” (essentially a low power mode) to conserve battery power when your PC or tablet is hibernating or shut down. You can put your mouse in your bag and not worry if you turned it off because it will sense that it is no longer needed.


Sculpt Touch Mouse: Four-way Touch scrolling and Bluetooth technology, ready for Windows 8

The perfectly portable Sculpt Touch Mouse is great for getting things done. The four-way touch scrolling pad lets you breeze up and down, left and right, and through long (or short) Windows documents, as well as horizontal Windows 8 screens, with just the swipe of your finger. When you scroll, you’ll feel the nice surprise of tactile feedback. And, as with Wedge Touch Mouse above, it comes with Bluetooth technology, so you can take it with you but leave the clutter of wires and transceivers behind.


Explorer Touch Mouse: Four-way Touch scrolling for fast navigation, and ready for Windows 8

With its low-profile shape, Explorer Touch Mouse speeds up everyday tasks with a touch strip optimised for quick vertical and horizontal scrolling, making it ideal for surfing the web and managing spreadsheets. Plus, with Windows 8, Explorer Touch Mouse will provide a very intuitive and natural horizontal scrolling experience on the new Start Screen. Explorer Touch Mouse has customisable buttons and three scroll speeds that use haptic feedback (light vibration that signals scrolling speed). It also has a battery life of up to 18 months. Even better, Wedge Touch Mouse goes into “Backpack Mode” (essentially a low power mode) to conserve battery power when your PC or tablet is hibernating or shut down.


Arc Touch Mouse: Two-way Touch scrolling, and perfectly portable

Arc Touch Mouse blends beauty and function. Haptic feedback (light vibration that signals scrolling speed) enables you to scroll vertically through documents or web pages as quickly – or as cautiously – as you need to, entirely by feel. And its innovative, bendable tail makes Arc Touch Mouse perfect for on-the-go use. Bend it to turn it on, flatten it to turn it off, and slide it into your bag. You’ll barely notice it’s there.

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